Lessons from the life of Jack LaLanne

Jack was a scrawny,sickly kid and at 15, he decided to do something about it.

He honored his decision and didn’t back down because people challenged or tried to discourage him. And yes he got discouraged at every turn.

Today we know it is healthy to eat well and exercise, in Jacks early days they thought he was a nut. Yet he stuck to his guns.

He challenged the world. He didn’t just do a better version of the gyms of his day he revolutionized the health club industry, including introducing the juice bar… 70 Years ago. Read on…

We are still using equipment he invented decades ago. He invented the original model of what we call the smith machine today.

Jack started with a small gym and did it on his own. No venture money, no big media partners. No big debt.

Early on he understood the power of the media. TV is what introduced all of us to Jack and he earned our trust as a fitness teacher by coming into our living rooms on a regular basis.

Jack knew who he was and what he stood for. He knew his brand and stuck with it. He didn’t worry about becoming boring or having to reinvent the truth into something hip and trendy. He stuck to his message, in fact he was his message. He did what he told others to do, even when the cameras were off. That is called integrity!  Look at the above photo, Jack is 71 there, yes he was his message!

He often joked saying, “I can’t die, it would ruin my image.”

Jack LaLanne died last week at 96. He doesn’t have any concern about ruining his image. He will always be remembered and loved.

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One Response for Lessons from the life of Jack LaLanne

  1. Jennae Davison


    January 31, 2011 8:03 pm

    Jack really was an inspirational man, and helped so many people (including myself) get motivated to improve their bodies and lives. Until recently, I had no idea he’d accomplished so much in his life. Fans should check out this article, it paints such a positive picture of the man and his life: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/01/jack_lalanne_will_shame_you_wi.html . If anything, the video it includes will motivate you to keep taking care of yourself – I can only hope to be half as energetic and active at 94!