LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “”UNWRAP” YOUR HEALTH”!

LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “”UNWRAP” YOUR HEALTH”!
by Lauren Christine Frahn

The season of GIVING, JOY and perpetual HOPE is upon us! What an AMAZING time of year! While I do not have the ability to give each and every one of you a personal gift, what I do have to offer to you is this: The very GREATEST GIFT that you will EVER RECEIVE is one that only YOU can give to YOURSELF…and that is the blessing of your HEALTH.

They say with a gift, it is the THOUGHT that counts. So, among the hustle and bustle of shopping and wrapping presents, take some time out to think about how you will be successful in making yourself the GREATEST promise that you can as we enter into the NEW YEAR. Commit to getting yourself into the greatest shape that you have ever been in. Not only is this the greatest gift that you will ever receive, but also it is a blessing beyond words to ALL of the many people who love and care about you. By taking care of yourself, you are at your BEST to take care of your loved ones. Further, by doing what is necessary to be as HEALTHY as you can be, you are encouraging those around you to do the same, whether you are aware of it or not. You will be spreading the highly contagious “FEEL-GOOD” germ!

Now, is this going to involve just a few minor adjustments for some of you? Likely, yes! Will this promise require a whole lifestyle change for others? YOU BETCHA! Is it one of the most IMPORTANT decisions that you will EVER make for ALL of you? OH YES IT IS! Labrada fans, ‘tis the SEASON to declare for yourself a REASON to get to the state of health that will bring you PLEASIN’! As we enter into the New Year, commit to creating the very BEST “version” of you!

So, what does this involve? It will vary for all of you, but here are some common improvements that can apply to most:

*Whether you work out at home or prefer the company of a gym, JUST DO IT!
*Find a time of day that will consistently work for you and SCHEDULE this into your day! Make this a ROUTINE part of your DAILY agenda!
*Write it down, commit to the process, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!
*Eat a balanced diet of Protein, Complex Carbohydrates and healthy Fats! For example: lean meat, grilled chicken, fish, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, egg whites, leafy greens, yogurt, cottage cheese, wheat bread, etc…
*There are so many delicious ways to prepare your food in a healthy way that still tastes delicious! Your taste buds will be just as amazed as you are at the incredible results that you are going to see in your body, spirit and well-being!
*Do not allow this to be a one-week resolution that you quickly throw to the wayside! Ladies, this is a LIFESTYLE change…and the most important one that you will ever make! Respect yourself and your body by respecting your commitment!
*Take it one day at a time and decide EVERY morning to stick with your plan for the day! Look in the mirror and AFFIRM that YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT!

“Tis the Season to “UNTIE” any restrictions that you have placed on yourself in the past because you CAN DO THIS! Get ready to “UNWRAP” a brand new you! Leave ALL excuses in 2012…and be the “KING” and “QUEEN” of making yourself a LEAN “MACHINE” in 2013!!

HAPPY Wishes and MERRY, MERRY Blessings!

Stay motivated! 🙂


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