LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings”: RSVP “NO” TO TEMPTATION!

LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings”: RSVP “NO” TO TEMPTATION!
by Lauren Christine Frahn

Regardless of the “pleasure” that it involves, the feeling of TEMPTATION is the same across the board! RESIST it! Whether it be foods that continually throw you off track from your diet, or extracurricular activities that are taking you away from achieving your desired success (and everything in between!), you must learn to not give in to them! Stay strong, LABRADA fans!!


We are DRAWN to it…It exists ALL around us and makes its attempt to “LURE” us in EVERY chance that it can get!
It can have tremendous CONTROL over us, yet ONLY when we ALLOW it to!
What is It? It is a powerful “SENSATION”, which goes by the name of “TEMPTATION”!
It is so important to INSIST on your ability to RESIST its “call”!
Rely on your “WILL” in order to deny its “POWER”!
While initially it may feel easier to give in to its “ATTRACTION”, understand that ultimately it serves as a “DISTRACTION”!
Very often the “ALLURE” carries a circumstance that is “UNPURE” and prevents you from “seeing” your ultimate WELL-BEING!
However, your likeliness to be SEDUCED can be significantly REDUCED by thinking of how much better you will FEEL once you REJECT its “APPEAL”!
When you RSVP “NO” to the “invitation” of PROVOCATION, you are saying “YES” to a much larger “CELEBRATION”!
What is the reason for this spectacular “occasion”?
Your great SUCCESS at avoiding any negative “PERSUASION”!

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