LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “PIGSKIN PROGRESS!”

LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “PIGSKIN PROGRESS!”
by Lauren Christine Frahn

Being the ATHLETES that you ARE, always have a game plan to accomplish your goals! (Oh…and GO GIANTS!)


In order to make PROGRESS down the “FIELD” of your DREAMS, you must always have a STRATEGY in order to ADVANCE, and not just leave it to “CHANCE”! You are the “head coach” in charge of creating your “PLAYBOOK” ~ When determining the next “PLAY CALLS” for your “QUARTERBACK”, do not cut any “slack”…choose the ones that will MOVE you toward the “END ZONE” as EFFICIENTLY as possible. Keep in mind that it is typically the GRADUAL, yet productive “CARRIES” that will “march” you from the “FIELD OF PLAY” over the “GOAL LINE”! PAY ATTENTION to the “PLAY CLOCK”, keeping a steady PACE, and avoid looking for the “quick” and “easy” SCORE…It is extremely rare that a “HAIL MARY” pass will give you the “TOUCHDOWN” that you are after and can often lead to a game “disaster”. Make sure that your “TEAM” is “WELL-EQUIPPED” and keep your head “IN THE GAME”. Trying to “RUSH” the ball without paying attention to TECHNIQUE often leads to “FUMBLES” and “TURNOVERS”! When “TOSSING THE PIGSKIN”, always go for the WIN. Take every day one “YARD” at a time, accomplishing “GOAL” after “GOAL”…and before long, you will have arrived at your “SUPER BOWL”

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