LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings” ~ PERSONAL RIVALRY

LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings” ~ PERSONAL RIVALRY
by Lauren Christine Frahn

You are your only competition, Labrada fans! Make yourself “sweat”! 🙂 Wishing you all a FABULOUS week!!


Comparing yourself to others does not “serve” you…The only person you need to “obSERVE” is Y-O- and U. In order to get an ACCURATE self-assessment, you must “SEGREGATE” from the “aggregate”. The best PROGRESSION requires the “recognition” that YOU are your only “OPPONENT”…BE ACCOUNTABLE for your “private” ACTIONS without allowing “outside” distractions. To ensure your ADVANCEMENT’s “survival”, you must remember that YOU are your only “rival”…Put yourself to the “test” to ACHIEVE a daily “personal BEST”. When you “strategize” for individual ADVANCEMENT, never “compromise” this necessary ENHANCEMENT… To “SIZE UP” your “COMPETITION” and see where you “stand”, the only effective way is to take your OWN “measurements” FIRSTHAND In order to be able to look at yourself with admiration and DEFERENCE, you do not require any other point of “REFERENCE”…“HOLD A CANDLE” only to your “face” in order to effectively “illuminate” your “brightest” GRACE In striving to be “more”, simply aim to be BETTER than the YOU from the day “before”. Make sure that your efforts “STACK UP AGAINST” the ones from the day “prior”…and then make that “heap” a little HIGHER! To make the “vision” of the OPTIMAL you “clearer”, only “MEASURE” yourself against the person staring back at YOU in the “mirror”…the true WIN of this day in and day out “trial” is if that very reflection is “wearing” a SMILE! GROW YOURSELF TO GREATNESS!

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Stay motivated! 🙂


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