LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “ON PURPOSE”

LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “ON PURPOSE”
by Lauren Christine Frahn

Put yourself on the right track toward accomplishing your goals by being accountable for them! Get real with yourself about what you want to achieve in life and put together a specific plan in order to do so! Take responsibility for making your dreams a reality!


Without a PURPOSE, it doesn’t matter which PATH you choose to take in life because the truth is, all will eventually lead you “SOMEWHERE”! The important question to ask yourself is whether this “somewhere” is “OVER THE RAINBOW” or whether it is just an arbitrary “OUT THERE”? Without a clear VISION of what you want to ACHIEVE, the course of your life resembles a LABYRINTH. Really, the right way could be ANY way because the path to your DESTINATION is UNKNOWN! The best thing to do is to set up a “TARGET” goal on which your soul can take “AIM”! Maintain only a “Bull’s-eye” focus on this DREAM! By setting an INTENTION to accomplish your heart’s AMBITION, you not only point yourself in the right DIRECTION, but you also give MEANING to your life’s MISSION! You cannot just “wish upon a star”, but you must SET YOUR BAR…and at that point, “ASPIRE” to always raise it “HIGHER”! Remember, you must give PURPOSE to your life…“ON” purpose!

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