LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings” ~ “GUNG-HO!”

LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings” ~ “GUNG-HO!”
by Lauren Christine Frahn

Who is ready for some MOTIVATION? Get moving, Labrada fans! LIVE YOUR DREAMS! Yes, they DO come TRUE ~ MAKE THEM HAPPEN!


 While a THOUGHT does create a THING, being INACTIVE accomplishes…NOT A THING! To change ANYTHING, you must DO SOMETHING!   If you are not happy with any given CIRCUMSTANCE, it will not improve by leaving it to CHANCE. For a PREDICAMENT to IMPROVE, you must MAKE A MOVE!   There is no PROSPERITY in INACTIVITY! For PRODUCTION worthy of SATISFACTION, you must first TAKE ACTION! For results that are ATTRACTIVE, you must be PROACTIVE! Do not just mosey along, but COME ON STRONG…Performance that is IMPRESSIVE requires you to be AGGRESSIVE!

ACHIEVEMENT that is AMAZING does not happen from “LAZING”! To realize a life that is ABUNDANT, you cannot be RELUCTANT…In order to “tackle” any FEAT, you must move your FEET!   Remember to not allow a negative EMOTION to prevent you from putting yourself in MOTION. Understand that WORRIMENT is an IMPEDIMENT to ACCOMPLISHMENT! An attitude of WOE leaves you no room to GROW…To make the most of LIFE, forget about your STRIFE and remember to KNOW that you must be GUNG-HO!   In order to make life the greatest CELEBRATION, you must first come out of “hibernation”! Do not “sleep” on your opportunity to live with ANIMATION and EXHILARATION! It is “crazy” to be LAZY, so “quit” being “berserk” and get to WORK! 🙂  (LCF)

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Stay motivated! 🙂


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