LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings” ~ “GET-UP-AND-GO!”

LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings” ~ GET-UP-AND-GO, Labrada fans!
by Lauren Christine Frahn

The first step to achieve any of your dreams is to believe that YOU CAN! It is so important to push aside any doubts that you may have and get moving ~ One step at a time! All that matters is that you take the first step…and keep going…


SELF-DOUBT is the biggest impediment to ACHIEVING your SUCCESS. It can force you to “INCH forward” when, in fact, you have the ABILITY to “move” MILES at a time!  Taking it one “step” further, this DOUBT can prevent you from even putting one “foot” in front of the other! Remember, however, that the only thing that you should be stopping “in its tracks” is this LIMITING MINDSET!   Well, guess what? This is your “WAKE-UP call”! The “hibernation” of your GOALS is now over! The life that you have to this point only DREAMED about can NOW be your REALITY! It is time to “ARISE” to the AMAZING life that you are INTENDED to live! “GET-UP-AND-GO” get started on ALL of the things that you were created in order to ACCOMPLISH!   BUILD UP your BELIEF in yourself by taking “BABY STEPS” toward your goals at first, if you have to. Your “CAN-DO” attitude will GROW exponentially with each one, as will the SIGNIFICANT “struts” that you develop the CONFIDENCE to start taking!   Y-O-U are capable of so much MORE than you may realize…REALIZE this in order to REALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL!   (LCF)

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Stay motivated! 🙂


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