LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “Does your Makeup Wash Off?


by Lauren Christine Frahn

How does your CHARACTER match up with your REPUTATION? Ideally, they should be identical! Your “colorful” REPUTATION does not mean much if the QUALITY of your DISPOSITION “pales” in comparison. Putting on a showy facade for others does not mean that you should be proud of yourself if in fact the show goes “silent” when the crowd disappears…

“It is the INTEGRITY of the TONE that you demonstrate when ALONE that far exceeds the HUE that you “assume” only when in another’s VIEW” –LCF-

Whether your BEHAVIOR is consistently RIGHTEOUS is something that only YOU will TRULY know. Remember, you are the one that has to look at yourself in the mirror. Just because others may THINK that you are a caring, good-hearted person doesn’t mean that you are if you are simply putting on an “act”. In order to proudly hold your head up high, make sure that your “social” STYLE matches your “at-home” ATTRIBUTES! Do not create a FALSE “ILLUSION” with a BEAUTIFUL “MASK” if you REMOVE it “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS”…

“Is the MAKEUP of your PERSONALITY only “seen in public”, or is it a “COVER-UP” that “washes off” in private?” –LCF-

The true measures of your MORALE are your TRAITS and HABITS “behind closed doors”. If they are not CONSISTENT with the “performances” that you give when “center stage”, your “spot light” SPIRIT is not an accurate gauge. Be sure that a reporter would have the same “article” to write about your OPEN-DOOR “press conference” as he/she would an EXCLUSIVE and CANDID interview. Do not just say things that you think others want to hear and than act a different way in private. In order to be a really good person, you REALLY have to BE a good person! The GENUINE “canvas” of your CHARACTER is worth much more than any “caricature” that another “draws” of your STATURE… Do not be “artful” with your AURA!

“One’s positive “on camera” PERCEPTION should be one and the same with your “off the record” REALITY” –LCF-

Stay motivated! 🙂

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