LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “CHOCK-FULL OF ABILITY”

LCF’s Words Beneath Wings ~ “CHOCK-FULL OF ABILITY”

by Lauren Christine Frahn

There truly is no limit to what you are capable of if you truly put your mind and heart into achievement. Think BIG and dream BIGGER, making sure that your actions are “in proportion”…and you will manifest the BIGGEST of results. You cannot allow your thoughts to stand in the way of all that you are capable of. Understand that you are GREAT, with a limitless FATE and are “CHOCK-FULL” of “WONDER-FULL” ability! As soon as you really believe in that…which ultimately means believing in Y-O-U…you are on your way to the best of success…

“You have the HANDINESS to “reach” EXTENSIVE lengths in life.” -LCF-


Do not “narrate” the FABLE that you are UNABLE because you have the CAPACITY to accomplish DREAMS that are “remark-ABLE”! Be aware of your thought process and make sure that you are always encouraging yourself with UPLIFTING self-talk and that you are not putting yourself DOWN. Choose to live your life’s “FAIRY TALE”…Never settle for a nearby “destination” when your DESTINY can…and should…carry you to a land “far, far, away”…

“There is no reason to be passive when your TALENT is MASSIVE.” -LCF-

You will be “remiss” if you mistake yourself as “useless”, for you will “miss” your ENORMOUS opportunity to ACHIEVE your “bliss”! Do not develop a “knack” for “slack” when the ABILITY to “attack” GOALS that are HUMONGOUS lies “among us” 🙂 Do not set limitations for yourself due to a lack of self-confidence. There is no doubt as to what you DESERVE…which is EVERYTHING! If denial is “draining” your dreams, throw in the “stopper” and fill your “basin” with a “WHOPPER” of a plan that you are going to get to chasin’! Replace a “might be” attitude with the POWER of your MIGHT…and you will be sure to see the LIGHT of your DREAMS!…

“Never opt for a “LIGHT LOAD” when you are CAPABLE of a “HEAVY-DUTY”!” -LCF-

“If you “second-guess” your “first-rate” EXPERTNESS, you must “digress” from this direction of reasoning and “reconsider”…because you are CONSIDERABLE” -LCF-


Stay motivated! 🙂


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