Many of us are extremely busy and have schedules that seem to pull in forty-six different directions at once. Isn’t that right, Labrada fans? Well, I completely understand! However, the amount of time that it takes to lend someone a helping hand is MINIMAL, which means that ANYONE “has time” to DO GOOD for another!

There are so many ways that you can be kind to others and start a “wave” of POSITIVITY, regardless of how packed your daily agenda is. For example, it literally takes ZERO time out of your day to give someone a smile, but that mere demonstration of kindness can literally impact that person’s next 24 hours…and the person that they pay it forward to…and so on.

Realize that it only takes a minimal effort to MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. When out running errands, can you honestly say that you cannot wait an additional 10 seconds to hold open a door for the person behind you at the store? (Careful, I said HONESTLY!) At the gym, if you see someone who looks like they are “struggling”, can you not take a minute between sets (yes, I get it ~ BETWEEN your sets!) in order to help them get a better workout? It is often the assistance that is NOT asked for and unexpected that is the MOST appreciated!

While your goal for helping others should certainly NOT be so that you can reap the rewards, for those of you who are wondering what is in it for you, the fact of the matter is that there is something that YOU will RECEIVE as well. You know those feelings of GLADNESS that you are going to do your BEST to provide to as MANY as you can? (Eh hem….) Okay, well those very feelings of JOY will surely boomerang back to you! (Yes, guys, even you) 😉 The first look that you receive from someone that displays to you their pure GRATITUDE will certainly have a permanent change on your former “ATTITUDE”! If you don’t believe me, give it a try today ~ and I promise that you will no longer viewing KINDNESS as “going out of your WAY”!

Remember, my favorite Labrada fans, that it truly does not take A LOT to give others A “SPOT”! So, DO YOUR PART to fill another person’s HEART!


Stay motivated! 🙂