Is it worth it?

In most areas of life, there’s an awful lot of work that goes into the last ten percent..

Getting your body fat from 11% to 8% is much more difficult then going from 14% to 11%.

Making a gourmet meal is a lot more work then just throwing a burger on the grill.

Getting to work early, staying late and not only getting everything done but bringing value to your company takes more effort then just blending in with the masses.

Setting goals and the laying out a plan of action is ten times more work then just getting out of bed and waiting to see what happens.

The last ten percent is were excellence is!  Its the way we let people know we are different, we have expertise and have a high commitment to professionalism. If all you’re doing is the bare minimum required you will only get standard results and rewards.  The hard part is the last ten percent, which is why few do it.  Everyone is too busy focusing on being mediocre.

The secret is to do what others aren’t willing to do!  That is were the greatest rewards are!!!

Dare to be different!  Dare to be great!

Is this unfamiliar territory for you or are you an achiever?

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