How to achieve ANY goal

How to Accomplish ANY Goal
By Johnathan Zamora

How great would it be if we accomplished every goal we’ve ever set? Imagine the possibilities! The whole idea of goals and the motivation they provide is a great way to challenge ourselves, gain new experiences and test our limits at the same time.  There are several types of goals – whether personal, fitness, work-related or otherwise they all have two things in common, they are measurable and specific.

For example, let look at a fairly common goal…losing 10 pounds within 6 weeks. OK, so now what?

A great approach to turning this goal into reality is by creating a road map to follow, or action steps. More specifically, creating three steps that will help you realize the goal of losing 10 pounds is critical to achieving success.

Action Step 1: “Improve the eating habits that hold me back from losing 10 pounds.”

Are you consistently eating for weight loss, in other words, does your diet reflect the goal of losing 10 pounds on a regular basis? Or do you eat clean Monday through Friday and have issues sticking to it on the weekends? We can get some great insight from examining our diet this way – and can see where our eating routine is lacking or excessive. Try recording your food intake for 7 days, then look for any nutritional oversights.

Action Step 2: Exercise in a manner that is ideal for fat loss.

We all know the benefits of exercise and weight training, but different goals require different approaches. Its’ true that exercise burns calories and helps improve the metabolism, but if you only workout once a week, you’ll have a tough time achieving your goal. Exercising 4-6 days a week is a much better way to facilitate results.

Action Step 3: Believe & Stay Positive

Positivity is a powerful force. In fact, positivity is so strong that it has the power to raise us from dire circumstances and achieve success. Believing 100% that you will accomplish the goal is half the battle, even if others tell you otherwise. See yourself 10 pounds lighter and hold on to your feeling as you visualize it. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?
You can apply this process to all goals you set and it’s an easy way to give them structure. Try it out; expect the best and the results will speak for themselves.

Johnathan Zamora
The Fit Chef