How Do I Do It? How To Stay Motivated

How Do I Do It? How To Stay Motivated
by Kelsey Byers

I often get the question: “How do you do this? How do you stay motivated? How do you fit in your workouts and eat clean with working full time, attending graduate school, being a wife and a fitness model?”

The truth is, I don’t know. Sometimes my head is in its own little world while my body actually gets the work done…if that makes sense. I make it work. The truth is, I have learned excellent time management skills these past few years. I time my social networking, my workouts, my school work, everything. At this point, my husband and I are booked every weekend until Thanksgiving.

I plan my workouts around school and homework…if I have lots to catch up on that night, I know I have to workout on my hour lunch break. Some days I just can’t fit a workout in…but I make sure I eat super clean. I’m lucky that my hubby likes to cook clean meals too! 😉 He helps me a lot. I often don’t know how I would do all of this without his help…but then I see my single fit friends who do it all themselves. I also see my married fit friends with kiddos and they make it work too. You see, if you want it, you can do it.

The thing is, everyone is busy. No one has the perfect schedule. Everyone has something else they could be doing other than working out or cooking clean meals. But gym time is ME time. That is where I go to blow off stress, versus going to happy hour like I used to. I have just discovered that I am happiest when I work on the inside of me first.

Meaning….my faith, my relationships, my health and maintaining a healthy weight. When all of those things are in order, I am just a more pleasant person to be around. More positive. That is the person I want to present to the world….not someone who feels stuck, limited, unconfident and unhappy with myself. I have to eat clean or I know the weight will sneak back up on me. I refuse to go back to THAT Kelsey.

Sure, there are bad days here and there when I don’t get every single thing done that I had planned….and some days I don’t get ANYTHING done….but you know what? That’s okay. Life happens. The goal is to have more “ON” days than “OFF” days.

My original motivation came from being fed up with my reflection in the mirror. The next motivation I felt was from seeing the AMAZING results that eating clean brought. Now my motivation is fueled by being on THE COVER of my favorite fitness magazine and the “unknown” of what the future holds. You see, all of those fitness models that I looked at on the pages of magazines….they were my motivation during my weight loss journey.

Their photos made me push myself to get in the gym, even though it was hard and it was not a habit yet. Now, just the thought that I could be motivating frustrated, yet determined people (like the old Kelsey) makes me push myself even harder!
The idea that I could make a difference to just ONE pushes me more than I could ever explain in words. I’m called. Yep, that’s driving me now!

Eat clean & follow your dreams!


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