When it comes to exercising and training, there may be times where you just want to “throw in the TOWEL”, but it is at this very point that you must find your “inner GROWL”! Now, hold on, LABRADA Nutrition fans, let me be clear here. In no way am I suggesting that you be “that guy” at the gym that feels the need to grunt in order to complete a set! (…and please, PLEASE don’t!) 🙂 What I mean by this is to dig deep and find that incredible strength known as perseverance that each one of us has.

What this pertains to for each of us is going to be different. For example, for you avid gym goers, it may mean pushing out a few more reps at the end of your set instead of putting the weight down at the very first sign of a “burn”. For those of you who are in the habit of making excuses as to why you are not going to get to the gym, it may mean pushing yourself to get there and not allowing for any excuses to get in the way of your health! For those of you who are frustrated because you are not seeing immediate results, it may been continuing to train, with the understanding that it is long-term consistency that will produce the results that you are after!

LABRADA Nutrition fans, regardless of what it means to you, the principle is the same: When you experience a moment of weakness, do not allow it to overpower you! Instead, find your inner source of strength and OVERCOME it! The truth is that we all have the ability to do this, but it is only the successful that actually do! Remember, victory is never WON in “INNING ONE”! So, persevere and STAND UP when you want to GIVE UP, and never allow times of VULNERABILITY to take away from your amazing ABILITY! And, when a whisper of doubt comes, make it one you quickly DISMISS, and replace it with the inner shout, “Hey, I GOT THIS!” 🙂


Stay motivated! 🙂