Hello my wonderful Labrada Nutrition fans! Regardless of who you are or where you are from, everyone has a DREAM. Some may be big, others may be smaller, but no matter the size, the effect on the individual when they actually achieve it is SIGNIFICANT! You KNOW what your dream is because it has NEVER LET GO of you or your thoughts, no matter how many “other” paths you have tried to take. So, I ask you, are you PURSUING them? Or, are you doing what you think OTHERS want you to do? I can guarantee that your HONEST answer to that question will determine whether or not you are truly HAPPY.

Make sure that the life that you are leading is your OWN, or else you are really not leading at all, but merely following. Life is too short NOT to do what makes your spirit soar. If you are NOT doing what makes your heart beat faster, then truly determine why you are not! Are you “listening” to someone else who thinks that they know what is best for you? Is there someone you are trying to “IMPRESS”? Realize that if the #1 person on that list is not Y-O-U, you ought to make a change. Are you following a path simply because it is the only one that you have ever known? Are you following another person’s “footsteps” because you feel (or perhaps were told) that it is the “right thing” to do? Understand that the only RIGHT thing for you is that goal which brings YOU total DELIGHT! Maybe you started to work toward a goal that you thought was right at the time, but have since realized that it is not fulfilling you. The only thing that would be “wrong” about that is staying on that path.

Open your eyes to the fact that a very SPECIFIC calling was Divinely placed in your heart for YOU and you alone. Ignoring the call is truly a disservice to yourself and to many that you have the ability to impact with your special GIFT. Remember, when it comes to the daily goals that you are actively PURSUING, they should very well be the DREAMS that YOU want to be DOING!


Stay motivated! 🙂