LABRADA Nutrition, have you ever felt like you just wanted to QUIT? Often, goals are started with an incredible amount of motivation and enthusiasm. You are fired up and ready to tackle them head on! However, setbacks, “plateaus”, and lack of immediate progress can often take a lot of the wind right out of your sails…

Does this sound familiar? Have you recently felt that it would be so much EASIER to just GIVE IN? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is NOT how you are going to WIN!

Yes, it absolutely would be a heck of a lot easier to just give UP, but in doing so, you are only keeping yourself DOWN! Pick any goal, whether it be health-related or career-driven: Are you trying to make gains at the GYM? Attempting to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to lose weight? Looking to jumpstart your career or get promoted? Making moves toward the life of your dreams? It does not matter what the goal is, there are common factors that are involved in ALL of them in order to ACHIEVE the RESULTS that you are after: ACTION and PERSISTENCE!

You have got to START (ACTION)…but then, you have to FINISH (PERSISTENCE)! Understand that achieving your desired SUCCESS is not going to be EASY! If it were, EVERYONE would be living the life of his or her dreams! But, it is the results which are worked the HARDEST for that are also the most REWARDING!

Remember, while thinking about throwing in the proverbial “towel” can be a pretty COMMON emotion to experience, it is how you HANDLE IT that makes all of the DIFFERENCE… So, HOLD ON to that towel and use it to soak up your “SWEAT EQUITY”! Push yourself for that last REP! Choose to eat HEALTHY…one meal at a time! When one door closes, KNOCK on ANOTHER! If you find yourself at the END of a chapter in your “book of OPPORTUNITY”, do not close it, but rather…”TURN THE PAGE”! You see where I am going with this (I hope!)…

Listen, there is nothing that you cannot do, but you have to COMMIT! Whether it be one more FORCED REP…one more healthy meal that you choose to PREP…or one more ACTION STEP…Call to mind what fueled your initial PEP…and choose to WITHSTAND vs. WALKING OUT like a “SCHLEP”! 😉

LABRADA Nutrition, rather than “washing your hands” of your DREAMS, take your dreams INTO YOUR own HANDS! Remember, even when you find that your motivation is SLOWING, do whatever it takes in order to just KEEP GOING!


Stay motivated! 🙂