Whether it was a youth sports team, a dance class or an after school group, we were all taught at a very young age one of the most important life lessons that there is: the value of COMMITMENT. Strength of CHARACTER is built with it, other people RESPECT it…and SUCCESS requires it…

When it comes to any of your goals, in order to achieve the results that you seek, you must STICK WITH them! Speaking specifically in terms of your FITNESS goals, you have to put in the CONTINUOUS effort that is necessary and you cannot give up! Sure, there will be many times where this is not the easiest option: It would be so much easier to just keep hitting the snooze button instead of hitting the weights…It would be so much easier to walk into a bar instead of walking into the gym…It would be so much easier to give in to your craving instead of working for the body that you “hunger” for… However, will choosing to take the “easy way OUT” get you where you WANT to be? Not a chance!

LABRADA Nutrition fans, if you want to have the healthy body that you have the ABILITY to attain, the only things that you should ever GIVE UP are your excuses! Remember LCF Rule #72: No Excuses…COMMIT to FIT! 😉


Stay motivated! 🙂