Best Selling Author Hugo Rivera Interviews Up and Coming Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada

Best Selling Fitness Author Hugo Rivera Interviews Up and Coming Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada

In this interview International best selling fitness author Hugo Rivera sits down with Hunter Labrada, son of professional bodybuilder Lee Labrada, and asks him about his bodybuilding accomplishments and his plans for the future.

[Hugo Rivera] Hunter, last time anyone saw you, you were just a little guy bouncing on your mommy’s lap, cheering for your Dad at the Mr. Olympia . Recently, we were treated to a sneak peak of your developing physique with a cameo appearance in Ironman magazine. You’re now 20 years old, and well on your way towards developing a Herculean physique! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

[Hunter Labrada] In seventh grade, I was miles from what some would call a physical specimen. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I might have weighed 80 lbs, and my dad standing next to me could have been likened to Dwight Howard standing next to an average 6 foot man. Dad is a big, muscular guy but he is only 5 foot six, so you can imagine how small I was!

Stature aside, I had been playing hockey for 6 years at a competitive level, and was used to playing a physical game. This transferred well when I developed an interest in football. I was able to start on the middle school team during my first year playing in seventh grade. Where size did not make much a difference to me in hockey, I quickly learned that was not the case in football, and like many, my now passion for bodybuilding began as a miniscule 7th grader desperately trying to put weight on for next football season.

Fast forward hundreds of workouts, thousands of meals, and 5 years later, and I had grown into a respectable 5”8” 205lb young man who was by no stretch of the imagination small or weak anymore. I had monopolized the High School top 10 board, and was planning on attending and playing football at Bentley University in the fall, a small but highly ranked Division 2 school right outside of Boston, MA.

[HR] How did you transition from playing football into bodybuilding?

[HL] It was during the summer after graduation, the first one I had had in 5 years not completely consumed by football camps, 7 on 7, and my high school’s weight and agility program, that I really was able to train on a bodybuilding split, with my main focus being muscle mass and strength. I had made amazing gains, and when it was time to report for camp at Bentley University, I was all but certain I had lost my passion for football and had found it in bodybuilding. The very first day of camp, when it was no longer football with my very best friends that I had known since I was a kid, and simply the game itself, I realized I no longer loved it. I loved preparing my body to play the game more than I liked the game itself, and it was then I realized that I needed to delve head first into bodybuilding.

[HR] Was it a hard decision to leave football and dedicate yourself to bodybuilding?

[HL] This was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I believed it was the correct one at the time, and as I am writing this two and a half years later, I can 100% say I made the right choice. Despite not wanting to play football, it was still too late for me to go anywhere else, so I packed my bags and headed to Northeast. I wouldn’t trade any of the friends I made that year or the experiences that I had for anything, but the most lasting relationships and the most gratifying experiences came from helping others reach their fitness goals in and out of the gym.

[HR] I imagine that you enjoy coaching other young guys, to help them build muscle and gain weight?

[HL] If you haven’t noticed, this was the how I got started section of this little blog, and this was very much on purpose. I feel like I am just getting started, whether it be with bodybuilding, the sports supplement and fitness world, or just simply helping others reach their goals, and I honestly can’t wait to see what the future brings.

[HR] Hunter what are your plans for the future now?

[HL] Well, right now my plan is to eat like a dog, train like a beast, and sleep like the dead, all while working towards both my stepping on stage for the first time as well as earning my degree from Texas A&M. In the meantime I will also be sharing my knowledge via this blog and also via the Labrada Nutrition forum. That’s the condensed version, but if you add in bettering myself as a person every day, and being the best man I can be, its my entire plan.

[HR] Hunter, I am super proud of everything that you have accomplished and what you keep accomplishing on a daily basis. From the first time that I interviewed you years ago I knew that you had the mindset and determination to go places. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and I look forward to your blogs!

[HL] Thanks Hugo!

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