American Idol Success Principles

….More Then A Good Voice!

Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina are now in the top two of American Idol.

Two very nice young people, with tons of talent that come from good families.

Yes they could sing but their growth is what stands out to me.

They both went from regular High School kids to world class entertainers in a matter of months.

Daily, incremental steps at the hand of a seasoned mentor with tons of pressure is the key in my opinion.

They had weekly goals. (making it to the next round)

They had Jimmy Iovine mentoring them to the next level every week. (a Brooklyn boy that knows what he is doing)

They had the judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler critiquing them every week and Ryan Seacrest nudging and encouraging. (pressure and guidance)

They had America judging them every week. (real pressure, a pressure cooker)

They had two choices, grow every week or be eliminated.

They both rose to the occasion, no doubt due to all of the above and the security that comes from a loving family.

We can use these same principles to achieve more then we ever thought or imagined.

  • Set weekly goals
  • Get a good mentor
  • Ad pressure from people holding you accountable
  • Grow

Now we pray for them because our country needs some nice people in the entertainment industry.

Try implementing the American Idol Success Principles and let me know what happens. 

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