LABRADA Nutrition fans, with our fast-paced culture, it is pretty common to experience moments of STRESS throughout the day. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to effectively deal with it! If this TENSION “ignites” a certain “spark” within you, it is key to make sure that you have it work FOR you and not against you!

One of the greatest ways of doing this is not to take it out on another person, but rather to take it with you to your WORKOUT! One of the many benefits of EXERCISE is that it is a fantastic stress REDUCER and tension RELIEVER! So, when your capacity for stress has reached its “BRIM”, release it all at the GYM!

Adding “TENSION” to your workouts will significantly increase your PERFORMANCE…literally! So, use it to your benefit and add this “fuel” to “kick” your workouts up a notch…or two…instead of giving someone else a “kick in the shins”!

Remember, LABRADA Nutrition fans, by using your STRESS to propel your workouts and not being harsh or rude to others, not only will you improve physically, but you will “grow” spiritually, as well! Therefore, incorporating some TENSION at the gym is always a WIN-WIN!


Stay motivated! 🙂