LABRADA Nutrition, the only GOOD WORKOUT is the one that “WORKS OUT” GOOD for YOU!

When it comes to working out, the only thing that “works” is what works for YOU! Yes, this may sound like an obvious statement, but hear me out! While one method of training may work for many, if it is not one that you like, or not one that you know that you will STICK TO, than it is not for you! It is so important that you choose the type of exercise that will accomplish your goals, but also that you will be able to incorporate into YOUR LIFESTYLE!

For example, if you prefer classes to working out alone, than take the classes! If you would rather train at home instead of going to a gym, than by all means, train at home! Who cares if you have a gym membership tag on your keychain if you are not going to use it! Your “proof” of working out will be more extremely evident, physically and mentally…remember, your gym tag is not a “status symbol”! Also, a certain time of day may coordinate well for one person’s schedule, but if your schedule is different, than your timing will be different! It does not matter if you are the only one at the gym at the time that works for you! You are there! That is all that matters!

Realize that you must stop comparing and analyzing what others are doing because, really, it does not matter. They are not working out FOR you, so THEIR results that they are working for will never be YOUR results…unless YOU work for them! Remember, what is good for one person is not necessarily what is good for another, so simply find what works for YOU…and DO IT! Now, get to training, LABRADA fans! 😉


Stay motivated! 🙂