Labrada Nutrition fans, it is said that it takes 6 weeks ~ 42 days ~ in order to change or develop a habit. So, when you are looking to make a change, whether mentally or physically, understand that it is NOT going to happen “overnight”! BE REALISTIC about the amount of TIME required in order to implement your transition!

Further, understand that these habits that you are looking to change, you have likely had for a LONG time. For example, you have “always” just had a short temper, you have just “never been” an active or a fit person, you have “always” just taken the “easier” road because you have “never been” much of a go-getter. You get my point. But, there is SO MUCH more within you! You ARE CAPABLE of being HEALTHY and FIT…you are CAPABLE of BEING the kind of person that you ADMIRE and look up to…so MAKE THE CHANGE!

Being that you have had these behavior/attitude problems for a good amount of time, attempting to alter them is going to feel uncomfortable. However, you must not misinterpret these feelings as a signal that you are doing something wrong, or worse yet, use them as an EXCUSE to fall back into your “old” behavior! No, this is a NEW BEGINNING for you! Be willing to PUSH THROUGH the UNEASE and with time, you will surely attain RESULTS that will PLEASE!

“Overnight success” is rare, and quite frankly, it is not appreciated as much as when it is WORKED FOR over a longer PERIOD OF TIME! So, SET your goal and add “SWEAT” to your goal, but do not GIVE UP and “FORGET” about your goal! LABRADA FANS, your 6-week plan of attack starts TODAY! It is time to keep your eyes on your GOAL, do not cut yourself any “slack”…and I promise…You will never LOOK BACK!


Stay motivated! 🙂