I hope you had a Happy Fourth of July weekend, LABRADA NUTRITION fans! With the Fourth of July having just passed recently, it means that summer is well underway! Use this celebratory time to evaluate whether your “summertime” fitness goals are worth celebrating, as well!

Make sure that you are as proud as the “Star-Spangled Banner” in terms of the progress that you have made…and keep up the great work! Do not let the “SPARK” that you ignited in preparation for your season of fun in the SUN start to “FIZZLE”!

Now, I must admit that I do not at all agree with having “seasonal” goals because your HEALTH should truly be your LIFESTYLE, and not just an occasional effort. However, I know that some find it MOTIVATIONAL to use the warm weather months to propel you to make a HEALTHY change! In that case, I am all for it! But, do not let the “SIZZLE” of these efforts COOL OFF along with the temperatures ~ It is so important that you keep up “the HEAT” throughout the other 9 MONTHS of the year, also!

Remember, too, that even though we are already in July, it is not “TOO LATE” to get that “beach body”! So, do not make excuses and decide that you are just going to wait until January to “resolve” to get on a nutritious eating regime, nor put it off until next March to “Spring” into action. It is crucial to understand that a healthy lifestyle is EXTREMELY important YEAR-ROUND! With that in mind, make sure that your incredible summer “beach body” becomes your Autumn, Winter and Spring body, as well!

LABRADA Nutrition fans, keep “working up a sweat” to get your body in shape for this summer’s heat and HAZE, but remember to maintain the very same efforts throughout every one of the year’s 365 DAYS!


Stay motivated! 🙂