The Philip Dolgovin Transformation Story

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Today’s post is another inspirational before and after transformation story. This time I want to share the story of Philip Dolgovin, someone I had the pleasure of meeting at an L.A. Fitness Convention. I hope that his story inspires many of you who are in the same boat as he was before. Congratulations Philip for your incredible accomplishment!

“I am 5’7 and i used to weigh 260 lbs with little muscle. I was obese and depressed and felt like I had no chance to ever get in shape. My entire family is obese and i developed their poor eating habits as a child and continued them into my early 20’s.

One day at work I bent over to grab something, and my co-worker stuck his entire hand, up to his wrist into my love handle and said “damn your fat” that was it! I went home and told myself that no matter what it takes, I’m gonna get in shape. This began my 3 yr long journey with many ups and downs emotionally as well as on the scale.

During the 3 years I researched about nutrition, discovered what each macro nutrient does, and began to use energy manipulation to utilize my fat as fuel. I ended up losing 100 lbs and was a very skinny 160 lbs. I realized that my body type was meant to hold more muscle on my frame and i decided to bulk up to 190 lbs and stay under 10% b.f.

My entire life changed after losing the weight. I went from being the fat kid in high school that couldn’t get a date to save his life, to a very athletic and strong man that is confident. I decided that I want to help other people get in shape and I enrolled in Bryan University under the advanced fitness and health program. In 8 months I will recieve my NASM PCT, as well as the ACSM PCT, and my AA. degree in fitness as well. If my story can inspire anyone I would love to share it.

I noticed more respect from people after I got fit. My confidence was soaring, and I just want to help people feel like I feel now. I know how hard it is to be overweight. You feel trapped in your body and you begin to give up and accept being heavy. But it DOES NOT have to be that way!

I want to help everyone see that with the greatest determination you can accomplish anything and the harder you work, the greater your results will be. I tell people it’s never too late to start, because as long as you are alive you can improve your health.

How I Lost The Weight?
The first thing I did was stop drinking soda and I lost ten pounds from just that. Next was eliminating French fries and lost another 5 lbs. I used to eat out 4 times a day. When I learned about nutrition everything started to fall in line. Losing the 100-lbs felt great, but adding 30-lbs of muscle felt even better.

Products That Helped Me
The products I took during my weight loss were:

Pre/Post-Workout Supplements:

Super Charge! Xtreme: Good to help me get the best out of my efforts at the gym.
Gluta Lean: I took this before and after the workout to help me with recovery.

Pro V60: I used Pro V60 as my protein source for my pre-workout and post workout meals.

BCAA: During training I would take BCAA and also during my cardio to prevent any muscle catabolism.

Other Supplements:

Daily I take EFA Lean Gold and a Multi-Vitamins in order to make sure that I feed my body with all of the essential fatty acids that my body needs (which by the way, help you burn fat) and also to make sure that I have all of the vitamins and minerals required to make the best use of all the food I consume.

In addition I also use the Lean Body Shakes in between meals in order to feed myself every 2-3 hours. Lean Body Shakes make it easier to follow a strict 6 meal a day plan, while getting enough protein to stay muscular and lean. Finally, these days I also use the Lean Body Fat Burner in the morning in order to get my metabolism stimulated.


Amazing story Philip! Keep up the wonderful work!

And for all of you remember, that I am here to help. Be sure to check out the sample diets and workouts below if you are in need of a nutrition and training program.

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Yours for a Lean Body,

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  1. josh


    October 16, 2012 6:28 pm

    I have a similar story i was 280 lbs my freshman year and i am now a senior in high school and i weigh 185. I have made a huge transformation in my 3 years and have learned a lot on how to build muscle and different things fitness and nutrition wise