Musician Paul Pesco’s New Sound and Passion for Healthy Living

See how Paul Pesco stays in shape while on the road and also listen to his new sound.

The Lean Body RTD Paul Pesco enjoys here

Paul’s credit list reads like a “who’s who” of the entertainment industry… Of multi-ethnic parents, Sicilian/Korean, he grew up in a multi-cultural and musical environment…

Always being on the go, Paul had to find a way to eat healthy, and stay active while being on the road for a minimum of 4 months a year. At the young age of 54, Paul is a pioneer for those who live a very hectic lifestyle. Paul doesn’t look a day over 34, and doesn’t feel it either.

Paul prides himself on taking care of his body the best way he can. One of the many reasons he turns to Labrada Nutrition products. One of his favorites, as mentioned in the video are Labrada’s RTDs (Ready to drink shakes), as well as the protein packets he loves to add to his oatmeal. Here are the easy-to-use protein packets he mentions =>

Now here’s a little more about this great musician!

His father, an opera singer/music teacher, started him with piano lessons at age 6. After experimenting with various band instruments in school, he realized the guitar was his “instrument of choice” at the age of 12. “I really wanted to play drums, but my parents wouldn’t let me.”…At the age of nine, Paul’s father moved the family to Germany to sing opera professionally.

His family relocated to Long Island, NY. Playing in bands in high school, but almost completely avoiding the club scene, Paul moved to New York City. “I learned about this place, Studio Instrument Rentals, where many of the top artists would rehearse. I got a job there as a rehearsal tech, setting up equipment for bands like Aerosmith, Kiss, and Foreigner.

While working at SIR, Paul befriended the group, Atlantic Starr. For their ’82 “Radiance” tour, they needed someone to play 2nd guitar and keyboards. They asked him to join them for the tour.

He gladly accepted the gig. Upon returning to New York, Paul found out that Madonna had been signed to Sire Records and had a song,”Everybody”, on the radio. He ended up playing guitar on the songs, “Lucky Star” and “Burning Up” for her first album.

Mr. Paul Pesco continues to expand his positive influence on the music industry. To read more about his accomplishments, and follow him please “like” his Facebook page =>

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