Your Blueprint to Physique Success

Walk into any gym today and you’ll see people who are dedicated to working out consistently. While some of these trainees make gains, others who workout faithfully don’t show any consistent improvement. Year after year, they have little to show for their hard work.

Building quality muscle takes years of hard and dedicated work using time-proven training and nutrition principles.rtd

Yet, some bodybuilding magazines today promulgate the instant gratification of building muscle overnight. That’s a nice thought, but it’s misleading. The worst part of this deception is that it has created an environment in which supplement marketing companies take advantage of uninitiated beginning bodybuilders. The beginner is prone to fall for the propaganda that marketing companies use to tout “magic” supplements that will purportedly give the user overnight muscle gains, but are often minimally effective at best.

This “quick-fix” mentality is costing bodybuilders results and wasting their time and efforts in the gym as they search for the latest and greatest training method or supplement. Many otherwise successful bodybuilders fail to make consistent gains because they don’t stick with a proven training method or supplement program long enough to harvest the long-term beneficial results.

Successful bodybuilders know – and science proves – that building a championship body is like playing the stock market: you must have a long-term vision, patience, and you must be willing to stick to the fundamentals. Short-term vision leads only to total failure and total disappointment.

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