Set Your Fitness Goals And Achieve Them!

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 If you want to set your fitness goals and achieve them, this week’s tip is stuffed with powerful concepts to help you change your body, fast. It is, quite likely, the most potent “tip” I’ve ever revealed to date. Please stop and print it out for ease of reading. Now let’s get to it!

Almost every day I am asked by my dear “students,” to reveal my “hidden secret” for building a muscular and lean body. But before I tell you what this “secret” is, first, let me tell you what it is not.

It isn’t a new workout routine. (Although some people really need to get on a good program instead of “winging it” in the gym!)

It isn’t a “revolutionary,” new, nutrition program that is just a re-hashed version of an “old news” diet. (Nope it’s definitely not that.)

And it certainly is not a “magic pill” your local doctor can prescribe for you. (That would be just too easy, huh?)

So what is it?

Goal Setting and Achieving



Well, it’s something called “goal setting and achieving,” and if you can harness this simple concept you will be well on your way to building the body (and life) you’ve always wanted!

My understanding is this:

Goal setters (more specifically, goal achievers) are winners. Period. They tend to be successful, and have abundance, in virtually every aspect of their existence.

They have an abundance of respect, admiration, and love from friends and family. They have an abundance of financial wealth which gives them unlimited freedom. They have an abundance of health, confidence, energy, and self esteem which helps them overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And the list goes on and on.

So who are some famous “goal achievers” you may know?

Ever heard of Michael Jordan? How ’bout Evander Holyfield, Carl Lewis, Barry Sanders, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or maybe the entire U.S. Women’s Soccer Team?

How about Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, or, Martin Luther King Jr.?

Basically, if you look at the top people in any chosen profession (or endeavor) you will find the individuals that have learned the power of setting and accomplishing goals on a consistent basis.

Use Goal Setting Techniques for a Better Body


So what does this have to do with building a better body?

Plenty! Consider this: A fitness buff who has learned to set and accomplish goals will end up building a far better body than someone, with superior genetics, who doesn’t set and achieve goals. No question about it.

Goal Setting Really Is the Great Genetic Equalizer – I’m Living Proof!

You see, during my career as a professional bodybuilder I would consistently beat guys that were 40, 50, even 60lbs. heavier than me! But when I started out, people told me over and over again that I couldn’t compete at a professional level because of my size. But you know what I said? “Watch me!”

Then I proved them all wrong by conquering the physical goals I had set for myself and I went on to win over 22 amateur and professional titles including Mr. Universe.

Now, I don’t tell you this to brag. I’m telling you this because:

I want you to understand that no matter how many times you have failed in the past… no matter your age, background, gender…YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH YOUR DREAMS AND DON’T EVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENTLY!

(Please read those 13 words again out load!) I truly believe this from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s something else you should know:

Every super-achiever I know doesn’t just happen to stumble upon success. They plan for it. And they develop positive habits which lead them toward their dreams and goals. And you can do the same.

(By the way, if you currently aren’t making progress-maybe you’re stuck in a body (or life) you’re not happy with-then the following “assignment” is just what you need to get “unstuck” and back on track, fast! But I warn you: If you aren’t willing to put forth a tiny bit of effort to “help me, help you” then please don’t read another word. Doing so would only be a waste of time for both of us.)

Are you still with me? Great! I’m thrilled to see you’re up for the challenge!

Now, here’s what to do first:

1.) Write Down Your Goals


Take out a sheet of paper and write “Goals” at the top with today’s date. Then, write down 10 specific things you would have to accomplish in the next 12 months for you to feel satisfied with your progress in life. (Each sentence should start with “I” and be written as if you’ve already achieved it.)

Here’s a sample of what I wrote to give you an example (remember to write at least 10 and don’t forget to include all the important ones you’ve been putting off):

* I have helped 100,000 people achieve their physical goals in my new on-line coaching club.

* I lost 5 lbs. of fat and gained 5 lbs. of muscle.

* I spend an extra five hours of quality time with my family each week.

* My company has donated $25,000 to feed hungry children around the nation.


2.) See What’s Most Important

Next, look over your list of 10 items and decide which of these objectives would have the greatest positive impact on your life once it’s achieved.
(Put the other 9 items aside. We will just be focusing on one for now. In this case, I will use the example of getting in better shape since I know we have that in common.)


* I lost 5 lbs. of fat and gained 5 lbs. of muscle.


3.) Make a Goal Statement with a Realistic Deadline


Now, write this sentence on a separate piece of paper and convert it into a “goal statement” and set a realistic deadline of when you will accomplish this goal.


* I will lose 5 lbs. of fat and gain 5 lbs. of muscle by December 17th, 1999.


4.) Make a List of Action Items


Start a list of everything you can think of to help you accomplish this goal.  Think of everything that you can do that will help you with your goals and write those down as they come to mind.—–


5.) Reduce Your List


Next, reduce this list to just 5 or 6 key “action items” that you will perform every day until the goal is accomplished. (You will write these down each day and each time you accomplish one you check it off and “celebrate” the victory!)


* I will eat six nutritious meals each day.

* I will remember to take my supplements each day.

* I will train intensely with weights each day for 60 minutes (accept for rest days).

* I will perform cardio for 30 to 45 minutes (three to four times a week).

* I will study quality material about this topic for 30 minutes each day.

* I will workout with a training partner who accomplished what I want to accomplish so I can learn from him or her.


6.) Answer 2 Questions Honestly


Next, answer the following two questions honestly and with emotion:

LeeGym4Question One: What will I gain by reaching this goal? (Consider everything from your relationships, to finances, to how you will feel “inside.”)

Example: When I reach my goal:

* I’ll gain more confidence, self esteem, and pride for myself!

* I’ll gain more respect and recognition from friends and associates!

* I’ll gain health and will be preventing disease and delaying the aging process!

* I’ll gain more energy to help me keep up with my three young boys!

* I’ll be able to focus better at work which will allow me to be more productive.

Question Two: What will I lose if I don’t reach my goal?

Example: If I don’t reach my goal…

* I’ll lose self confidence, self esteem, and pride which would negatively affect every aspect of my life.

* I’ll lose health and I would be more susceptible to some terrible disease.

* I’ll lose the respect and recognition I could have had from my friends and family.

* I’ll lose energy which will negatively affect my relationship with my family.

* I’ll lose focus and my business would suffer.


7.) Now, hang up this piece of paper somewhere where you can read it (out load) twice a day, every day.


Once when you get up and another time before bed. (Try hanging it on your bathroom mirror. Do not tuck it away where it won’t be seen!)

I also encourage you to find a photo, to hang alongside this sheet of paper, that best represents your goal. For example, if you want to get into great shape cut out a picture of a bodybuilder or fitness star whom you admire. This helps to “program” your mind as to what you want to accomplish. (Visualization is a powerful tool which I’ll tackle in a future installment!)

Now, stop for a second and think about what this little assignment has given you so far. You should have a specific goal. A deadline. A daily action plan. And newfound motivation by realizing what you will gain (or lose) by achieving (or not achieving) your goal.

Many unsuccessful people will get this far and then think of ways not to take action. But remember: Taking action isn’t painful. What’s painful is living your life unfulfilled and unsuccessful!

Another thing: Remember the other 9 items I had you write down in step one? Well, if you’re up for it you can develop these and work on them right now, too. I usually have three or four specific goals I’m working towards at all times. Or, you may enjoy the clarity of having just one goal. It’s totally up to you.

Don’t Fear Failure


But whatever you do, don’t worry about failing. If you aren’t failing then you aren’t really living. Look, the most successful people in the world are also the ones that have failed the most. Why? Because they’re always taking action.

But the key is to learn from your failure.

And when you don’t get the results you want look at it as an accomplishment because you actually succeeded in discovering what did not work. This will get you even closer to what does work. (But I’m here to help you avoid this trial-and-error approach as much as possible!)

Keep in mind, you will experience tremendous resistance when trying to develop a new habit. (This is not easy.) Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.

Remember that successful people do things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.

It will take you around 28 days to form a new habit, but once it’s “ingrained” it feels more uncomfortable not doing the activity than doing it.

Remember how uncomfortable it was when you first started working out with weights? But soon this discomfort turned into pleasure when you started becoming stronger and more muscular? Believe me, the same thing happens with goal setting and achieving!

Don’t forget, you can use this simple goal setting technique to help you improve almost any area of your life. It’s very powerful and is one of the best kept “secrets” used by ultra-successful athletes, leaders, business men and women, and entertainers around the world! (It helped me to win 22 bodybuilding titles so I know it works!)

Until next time, I am

Your Lean Body Coach™
Houston, Texas

About the Author
One of the world’s most well-known and celebrated bodybuilding legends, Lee Labrada holds 22 professional bodybuilding titles, including the IFBB Mr. Universe. He is one of few pro bodybuilders in history to consistently place in the top four at the Mr. Olympia competition (the “Super Bowl” of bodybuilding) for seven consecutive years—a feat he shares with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has appeared on the covers of more than 100 bodybuilding and fitness magazines and has been featured on CNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and ESPN as a fitness and nutrition expert.

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