An Important Message on the Peanut Recall…

I’ve been receiving calls from friends and loyal customers concerning the expanded recall of peanuts which is now going on nationwide. This week, we received notice from the FDA that the recall was being expanded to include ALL products made with peanuts (not just peanut butter or peanut paste) from Peanut Corporation of America, made in their Blakely, GA plant during the last two years.

Over 400 products have been affected by this recall, including some of the biggest names in the food industry. With the expansion of the recall to include peanut halves, our Rockin Roll bars,  which were not included in the first phase of the recall, now are.  The FDA has asked us to voluntarily recall our Rockin Roll bars, and of course, we are complying.  We want to be good corporate citizens, and most importantly, we take the health and well-being of our Labrada family very seriously.  Some important things to note:

This recall does not mean that Rockin Roll bars are contaminated, only that they could potentially be, due to the peanuts being sourced from PCA.  We are voluntarily recalling the bars out of an abundance of caution. The Rockin Roll bars in question are being voluntarily recalled and will be replaced with new inventory shortly.

To date, nobody has gotten sick consuming Rockin Roll bars, that we know of; not one person.

The recall only concerns Rockin Roll bars– no other Labrada products are affected– none. Only the Rockin Roll bars used peanuts sourced from PCA ( BTW, peanuts were sourced by the manufacturing plant, not by Labrada staff.)

All other Labrada bars, including our popular Lean Body bars, are made at a different plant, using nuts sourced from a different supplier. They are perfectly fine to consume.

Please know that I,  along with all of my staff, appreciate your understanding and hope that this won’t dampen your enthusiasm for Labrada products. 

Yours in Health,

Lee Labrada

Your Lean Body Coach™
Houston, Texas

3 Responses for An Important Message on the Peanut Recall…

  1. Mike Wambangco


    February 12, 2009 3:33 am

    Thanks, Lee, for demonstrating corporate responsibility and keeping your customers’ well-being in mind. During these tough economic times, I wish you and your company continued success. It’s always heartening to know of businesses that truly care about us, your consumers.

  2. February 13, 2009 12:15 pm

    The quickest and easiest way is to take it back to the store you bought it for a replacement or refund. If you run into any snags, just call our customer service line at 800-832-9948 and we’ll be glad to further assist you. We appreciate your choosing Labrada products and hope that this incident won’t dampen your enthusiasm for them in the future. We’re committed to the health and well being of our loyal customers…YOU. We will have Rockin’ Roll bars re-stocked within 3 weeks at most locations. In the meantime, may I suggest that you try the new Lean Body Energy Bars, which are very delicious.

    Lee Labrada

  3. March 12, 2009 3:58 pm

    I’m anticipating the new batch coming out in late March. I miss these bars terribly! They are the first protein bar after my gastric bypass surgery that I actually LIKED! I have a great deal of respect for your company already but the fact that you recalled them voluntarily further strengthens that respect. Thanks for such a great product!