Lee Labrada’s Rules For Staying Lean While Eating At Restaurants


Restaurant eating can be a big challenge for you when it comes to maintaining your body weight (especially over the weekends). Restaurant food is typically high in calories and fat, and portion sizes are often large enough to easily feed a small family! If you don’t choose foods wisely, you will end up consuming far more fat and sugar calories than you should.

If you follow a few tips you can help prevent the damage that occurs with eating out.

Tip 1. Look At The Restaurant’s Menu Online

Some restaurants will post the nutritional information of their menu selections right to their website, which then makes things even easier for you.

Tip 2. Never Go Into The Restaurant Hungry

If you do that, you’re going to be far more likely to overeat. Try eating a half cup of Cottage Cheese or a small Protein Shake prior to leaving for the restaurant.

Tip 3. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

These will supply far too many calories on top of your regular meal and will set you back further.

Tip 4. Specialize Your Menu

Don’t be scared to ask the waiter to make some changes to your meal. Ask to have your vegetables steamed, your meat broiled or grilled, and always be sure to avoid red meats, gravies, as well as sauces.

Little requests like this can make a huge difference on how many calories you take in so it’s well worth the effort.

Tip 5. Have The Waiter Box Up Half Your Meal

This is the best way to control how much food you eat in the sitting.

More Key Points for Staying Lean When Eating Out

I’ll cover a few additional key points to remember when eating out.

It helps if you can learn about some of the different common types of cuisines you’ll come across so you are better prepared with what foods will be best to order.

If you are eating at…

An Old-Fashioned Diner:

Go for an Egg White Omelet.
Ask to have it prepared with no grease or oil and load up on the Vegetables with Salsa.
Order a bowl of Oatmeal as a side. You can add Cinnamon to your Oatmeal.

A Chinese Restaurant:

Always stick with steamed Chicken, Shrimp, or Scallops, and pair these with steamed Rice and Chinese vegetables.
Ask to have the food prepared without MSG as well so that it’s healthier and go easy on the Soy Sauce or leave it out altogether.

A Continental Restaurant:

Order grilled Chicken or Fish, steamed Veggies, as well as a dry Baked Potato.
You can add Salsa or Balsamic Vinegar to a Potato to spice it up.

An Italian Restaurant:

Try grilled Fish.
If you are going to have Pasta, make sure that you only eat a fist-sized serving.
Choose a plain Red Spaghetti Sauce with no Meat.
Stay away from white sauces such as Alfredo, as they are high in cream and butter.

A Mexican Restaurant:

Again try grilled Chicken or Fish but ask to have it cooked without butter or oil.
Avoid Sour Cream and Guacamole and instead go for Salsa or Pico de Gallo.
Corn Tortillas are OK, but Flour Tortillas are not, as they are made with fat.
Also skip the fried Tortilla Chips as well as they’re going to be way too high in fat and calories.

A Steakhouse:

Try grilled Lobster Tail or grilled Fish. Most Steaks at these restaurants are far too high in fat and calories, so you’re better off just going with the seafood instead.
Salads are fine, but not Salad Dressing. Lemon or Balsamic Vinegar are great options for your salads.

If you can keep these quick tips in mind and apply them wherever you happen to be eating out, you should be able to have the meal and keep your diet intact.

Until next time, I am

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