Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Pre-Contest Diet

Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Pre-Contest Diet

by Lee Labrada

Since I have had many people asking me what I am eating to stay in shape lately, I decided to put down a typical day’s diet along with supplements. Read on to find out!

Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Pre-Contest Diet

Supplement Regiment:

• B-Complex, 50 mg. (timed released)
• Vitamin E, 400 iu
• Multi-Mineral, 2/day with food
• Vitamin D 2000 iu
• Vitamin C, 1000 mg. (time released) 2/day with food
GlutuLean (l-glutamine powder) 10 grams
• BCAA capsules 5 before each meal
PowerCarb 1 scoop after workout
Lean Body meal replacement shakes
HICA MAX 3 tablets after workout
SuperCharge 2 scoops prior to workout

Meal #1

10 egg whites

1 cup oatmeal

1 cup Greek zero fat yogurt

l-glutamine powder, BCAAs and SuperCharge pre-workout powder at start

Meal #2 (post workout)

Lean Body meal replacement shakes

1 scoop PowerCarb

1 tablespoon fish oil

3 HICA MAX tablets

Meal #3

8oz. chicken breast

1 ten oz. sweet potato

1 cup vegetables

Meal #4

8oz. chicken breast

11/2 cup rice mixed with black beans

1 cup vegetables

Meal #5

8 oz salmon, orange roughy, or halibut

1 ten oz. sweet potato

1 cup vegetables

Meal #6
Lean Body meal replacement shakes

1 tablespoon fish oil

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2 Responses for Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Pre-Contest Diet

  1. BC


    October 12, 2011 9:33 pm

    How many calories is this, and what’s the macronutrient breakdown? I ask because I want to get an idea of your ideal pre-contest diet without having to eat the same foods as you do (also, as I live in Korea, some foods you list are hard to find here, like no fat, no sugar yogurt).

  2. October 13, 2011 6:54 am

    Lee! Wow…I share the same sentiments with James. Been a huge fan of yours for years and years as I’ve always admired your symmetry and intelligent approach to training. I’m now 48 and have been working out since I was 19, after seeing your most recent picture at 51, you just inspired me to pour on the steam! My wife thinks I’m nuts for continuing to hit the gym early in the morning, yet I’m in better shape than our kids’ friends =) I feel tremendous and know that I have many more great years ahead because of this lifestyle “we” enjoy.

    I’ve been taking HICA MAX for the past few months and have notice a considerable difference in strength, size and lean body mass. I love all your products.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and continuing to add class and intelligence to this crazy, yet incredible sport we call bodybuilding.

    You look FANTASTIC!

    Continued success!