How You Can Use Cardio To Increase Your Vascularity

 3SecretsToVascularCardioIf you are a bodybuilder or physique athlete, you may be interested in increasing your vascularity. To many, vascularity is the hallmark of an advanced physique and a symbol of muscle maturity.

Cardiovascular exercise, or “cardio”, can help you increase your vascularity in 3 ways:

First of all, cardio increases blood flow and blood velocity throughout the body. As you heart hits a rapid rate and blood pressure increases, it helps to increase capillarization, or the dilation and proliferation of capillaries. Cardio promotes the dilation of arteries, veins and capillaries throughout the body, while improving the health of the heart and lungs.

The second manner in which cardio improves vascularity is by reducing water retention. Unwanted fluid can be held in interstitial and subcutaneous spaces throughout the body and can mar the look of the physique. Nothing is worse than “holding water,” i.e., having a thin film of subcutaneous water pooled right underneath your skin. Cardio moves your blood and body fluids around including unwanted water so your kidneys can excrete it, and your sweat glands can sweat it out. That gives you the appearance of thinner, tighter skin.

Finally, the third way in which cardio improves vascularity is by burning fat including subcutaneous fat that can hide muscularity and vascularity.

In conclusion, cardio exercise can be a powerful tool to help you to attain a look of having thinner skin with a more vascular appearance.

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