How To Keep On Burning That Fat Off!

How To Keep On Burning That Fat Off!
by Lee Labrada

I have always harped about the importance of using resistance training (weight training) as the foundation of your exercise program. Too many people rely exclusively on cardio work for their fitness program. Cardio is great for your heart, but resistance training is too. And unlike cardio, resistance training has BIG payoffs in terms of increasing metabolism and burning bodyfat.

Now, you don’t have to just take my word for it. Dr. Ronald Bahr of the National Institute of Occupational Health in Oslo, Norway has studied the effects of exercise type, duration, and intensity, along with the influence of meals, on metabolism.

Dr. Bahr found that intense exercise (resistance training) burns up more calories per minute, helps maintain muscle mass (the more muscle you have the higher your resting metabolism!), and continues to burn up calories at a higher rate post-exercise.

He found that exercising intensely for 30 minutes caused the metabolic rate to increase by 150 calories more than normal over the 12 hour post-exercise period. What that means is that intense exercise increases your metabolic rate after your workout. Did you know that intense exercise can cause release of GH (growth hormone) and elevate testosterone also?

Dr. Bahr also found that the use of fat as a fuel increase after an intense workout. During an intense workout, your body uses primarily muscle glycogen and carbohydrates as its energy source. But after the workout, it switches over to burning stored fat. Dr. Bahr noted a 300 percent increase in fat burning after intense exercise!

Intense training may also trigger other fat burning mechanisms in the body. These are called “futile cycling” pathways. This fat burning mechanism is the result of energy being released as heat. Adrenaline works on this pathway to stimulate it. Intense workouts release adrenaline. So do thermogenic agents such as the ones found in our Charge! and Lean Body for Her Fat Burner.

The moral of the story? Make intense weight training the foundation of your exercise, and use cardio exercise for support; not the other way around! Intense resistance exercise builds and stimulates muscle, which in turn builds and stimulates metabolism. For every pound of muscle you put on, you can burn 30-50 calories more per day. Do the math!

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