What It Means To Be A Lean Body Challenge Champion & Lean Body Coach…

MKOne of the greatest accomplishments of my life and professional career in fitness was becoming the Labrada Nutrition 2011 Lean Body Challenge Grand Champion. To know that all of my hard work and dedication had finally paid off was one of the greatest feelings in the world. Receiving the phone call from Lee Labrada was like living in a dream. I was waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up. It just didn’t seem real. This was my first huge step in pursuing my long time dream of helping other’s reach their physical and nutritional goals. I wanted to reach out to as many people as I could, and help them live “Healthy” lifestyles and maintain them. I now had something “Concrete” to show to people, and let them know what hard work, diligence, sacrifice, and total commitment could bring them. My “Before” pictures symbolized everything. No hope, being out of shape, and a person very unhappy with their lifestyle. After my crusade with the Lean Body Challenge, I was transformed into a new person, who had new goals and dreams to fulfill. I was now full of energy, happy with my physique, and was ready to be the positive role-model to my family and friends. It was now MY time to give back, and help everyone out who was looking to make a difference in their life.

I was given the opportunity to promote what I had accomplished, and help motivate and give other’s hope as well. The “Average Joe” needed to know that ANYONE could change their life, as long as they put their best foot forward, and gave total commitment. I wanted to show others that the body transformations are attainable by anyone. My “After” pictures are not touched up, or doctored. Those abs on the “After” picture belong to me, and they weren’t computer enhanced. I worked very hard for that midsection, and it is all real. People often are misguided on some of the advertisements on supplements and fat burners out there. “Results Not Typical’” is what I often see when I read the fine print. Reading this just deflates what ounce of hope some have at building the physiques they see marketed on these products. People look at that ad, and think that they can only look like that if they are endorsed by that company, trained by that company, and paid by that company. I am here to tell you that that is not the case. You can look like the models on the covers. The Lean Body Challenge let me make a statement, and I want the whole world to listen. EVERYONE is equal! We can all make these changes. Sure, some of us might have to work harder, sacrifice more, and devote more time to it, but it is all attainable. You just might take a little longer getting there. This isn’t a sprint! It’s a marathon. You don’t need to be a winner of the Lean Body Challenge to be successful at it. You just have to take the first step and complete it. WE can all do it. It mostly is a mental war at the beginning. Once you can get past that hurdle, then you will be able to pursue the rest of your dream.

Being asked to participate in the 2013 Lean Body Challenge was a great honor for me. I was asked by Labrada Nutrition to become one of their Lean Body Coaches, and help other participants with their journey. My job was to help out with giving any advice I had, to keep everyone motivated, and to stay on the right path. I would give input on a broad range of topics, ranging from nutrition, workouts, motivation, and support. This was another break for me, because I could do what I had always wanted to. This was my way of giving back. I know I have what it takes to motivate others and help them succeed. The pride and enjoyment I get from being a Lean Body Coach, I can not put into words. I want to help and give the same support to others, which I received from my family and friends at Labrada Nutrition. We are all family when it comes to helping each other out. Everyone at Labrada Nutrition will bend over backwards to help you achieve success. When you log on to www.labrada.com, you transfer and open your world to a site and company that cares totally about you! We are all committed to you and your needs.

I challenge you to find another company or website that focuses and caters only to you. There’s motivation, nutritional tips, workouts, forums, and much more. So much of the information given to you would cost you a pretty penny elsewhere. This is all free to you, and is there to help you become a success! Myself and Labrada Nutrition only want the best for you. I am so proud to be a part of this company. I would not be where I am today without them. We look forward to working with you all, and look forward to sharing all the successes you can achieve through hard work and determination! Until next time, remember to…

…Strive, Commit, Succeed!

Michael Klamut
2011 Lean Body Challenge Grand Champion
United States Air Force Veteran (1997-2001)

About the Author
Michael Klamut was the 2011 Lean Body Challenge Grand Champion. Mike is a United States Air Force veteran who works as a Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) during the day, and is a busy husband and father of two during the night. Mike entered his first bodybuilding competition and took 1st place in his Novice weight class (Middleweight) and Novice Overall. He takes great pride in helping others with their fitness goals and hopes to inspire and motivate everyone he comes into contact with. Mike is looking forward to helping all Labrada Nutrition fans reach their personal goal(s) and hopes to help them conquer any obstacle(s) that stands in their way.