The “Easy” Way Out?

It always amazes & still surprises me at how many of my clients, as well as people at my gym, are always looking for an “Easy” way out with regards to attaining a head turning physique. Just the other day I received an e-mail with the following quote:

“Hey I heard a bunch of stuff about competitors taking something called “clen” ….. personally I am not interested…I was just curious what you knew about it”

NOTE: “Clen” (aka: Clenbuterol) is a Bronchiodilator and belongs to a group of drugs known as Sympathomimetics( works on the sympathetic nervous system). It is also a very effective thermogenic agent in that it stimulates fat cells to release Fatty Acids to be used as fuel.

I have always , in no uncertain terms, told everyone of my clients , or anyone else who asks, that attaining a great physique comes down to a few basic concepts.

1)  Getting out of your “Comfort Zone” at the gym: Nothing replaces Good Old Fashioned hard work. If you want to have a “Lean Body” you need to put in the time & effort at the gym. Push yourself to your limits (or past) at each & every workout. Train off that excess body fat!

2)  Solid Nutritional Plan: Here is an AWESOME quote by Scott Abel,  that I use all the time: “You can’t out train a bad diet!”. I can’t think of a better way to convey the importance of nutrition

3) Time Management: “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” We all lead busy lives & it is of the utmost importance to plan your time wisely. Take time to cook your meals in advance, have your workouts planned for the month, pack a cooler for the day, etc…

4) Rest & Recovery: Just remember that we do not grow while we are in the gym. Yes , I agree, that it feels good to have that “Pumped” feeling at the gym. But, we repair & increase Lean Body Mass when we are resting & recovering. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is very important. Listen to your Body!!!

5) Hydration: Try to consume at least 1 gallon of water daily. Our bodies are made up of rough 70% water. Many cellular reactions and bodily functions rely on being adequately hydrated. If you are not very good at getting your water intake then gradually increase your intake. (Week 1: 4 glasses/day, Week 2: 8 glasses/day, Week 3: 12 glasses/day, Week 4: 16 glasses/day) Note: a glass = 8 oz.

If you can consistently apply these 5 basic concepts you will have the “Lean Body” you are looking for. Is this the “Hard” way? Yes, in a sense it is, but it is also the “Healthy” way & the most self satisfying!

Enjoy the Journey!!

Dan Brown

The Performance Lab