The 5 Simple Steps to Participate In the Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Challenge

Dear Friend,

In order to participate in the Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Challenge, there are 5 simple steps that you will need to follow once you are registered.

Note: If you have not registered yet, please register here.


The next step now is to DOWNLOAD THE LEAN BODY CHALLENGE PROGRAM by clicking here and then saving the PDF file in your hard drive. 

Note: In order to view this file you must have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer.  Otherwise, you will need to download and install it in order to view and print the Lean Body Challenge Program.

Please read the program carefully and follow it throughout the 12 weeks of the challenge.  The program includes workout tips, meal recommendations, and more.  If you would like more valuable advice to help you do your best on the challenge, please also take a look at my book, The Lean Body Promise.
This downloadable training program is to be used in conjunction with the Lean Body Challenge Packet you will receive by mail.  I have included a PDF copy of the Challenge Packet here as well so that you can see it and start the program immediately.  However, please refrain from printing this packet and sending it.  You will get the one we send by mail and that is the one that I would like you to mail back to us.


 You will take your “Before” photos at the start of your 12 week program and your “After” photos when you have completed your Lean Body Challenge. If you cannot take the photo on the exact start and finish day, please make sure you do this within three days. On all your front photos, you must hold a newspaper with a readable headline to authenticate the dates of the photos. Please note that magazines are not acceptable to verify photo dates.

Show as much of your physique as possible and use good lighting. Remember that you will be judged on the most dramatic change, so we must be able to see your body clearly.  I strongly recommend that you wear swim suits or gym trunks.   Make sure that when you take your pictures you are as close as possible to the camera.  Your image from head to toes should fill out the whole picture.  If your image is too small, we cannot judge your entire physique, nor can we see the newspaper headline.

If possible, have your photos taken professionally. Your photos will count for 75 of a possible 100 points, so make sure they look good! Please note that Polaroid, negatives and digital photos will not be accepted!

When finished, both the “before” and “after” photos must be affixed to the correct page of your Lean Body Challenge Packet.


Some people measure their success by the amount of weight lost or muscle gained. Others go by their dress or pant size. Some people like to know their body fat percentage. Whatever your method of choice is, be sure to commit to it and list it specifically in your competitor packet! Body measurements help you stay on track! Make a note of your starting and finishing body measurements in your first essay, and monitor your progress carefully.

For reference, we recommend you record your initial measurements on the correct page of your Lean Body Challenge Packet.


You are required to write two short essays during the Lean Body Challenge. The first essay should be written at the beginning of your 12-week transformation and should include a statement of your goals. The second essay should be written upon completion of the Lean Body Challenge and should reflect on your progress and improvements in your physique and confidence. Also include how you incorporated Labrada supplements into your daily routine. Each essay should not exceed 200 words, but remember that your essays do count for 25% of your total score, so be sure to be as thorough as possible.

Both essays must be included in your Lean Body Challenge packet. They may either be typed or clearly handwritten on the correct page of your packet.


Purchase your initial Labrada products to get yourself started! Three full Labrada products must be used during the challenge. 

Labrada Nutrition offers a variety of products that will support various fitness endeavors and goals.  For example, our Lean Body Meal Replacements and Ready to Drink products make it extremely easy to follow the right nutrition program needed in order to get in shape.  Not only are these products extremely convenient and nutritious, but they are also unparalleled in taste.  The same can be said of our Lean Body Protein Bars.   

If you are interested in fat loss, our new fat burner product, Xhilar8, is the world’s first thermotropic weight loss supplement capable of improving mood, mental capacity, and concentration while reducing appetite and increasing your metabolism

If muscle gain is your goal and you are looking to enhance muscle size, energy, strength, concentration and anabolic drive within 15 minutes, then you need to give our Super Charge! Xtreme a try. 

There are 3 ways that products for the Lean Body Challenge may be purchased:

1) Ordering Online from our online store.

2) Calling 1-800-832-9948 and ordering your products by phone.

3) Ordering from a retailer other than Labrada Nutrition®. However, full proof of purchase must be submitted along with your completed Challenge Packet.

Please note that ONLY full products qualify.  So for example, if you use the Lean Body Gold Bars during the challenge, you need to purchase the full box and not just 1 bar. 

Remember that at the end of your 12-week challenge, any and all receipts for Labrada products that you have used must be included with your Lean Body Challenge Packet.

Once you have completed these five simple steps you’re ready to begin!

Best of luck to everyone, and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at or call at 1-800-832-9948.

Yours in Health,

Lee Labrada

Your Lean Body Coach™
Houston, Texas