Some Challenges…

Ok, I know I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I would have liked to; (and some of you have let me know about it….often) life gets crazy at times for all of us. I also have been struggling to come up with a topic that isn’t a rehash of the same information. I decided that since I have had a few challenges and set backs while competing in this Challenge, I would share some of them to let you know that things happen to all of us.

Challenge 1- I was at work one evening and my foot began to feel funny. I thought that the tongue of my shoe had slipped down the side. I removed my shoe and rubbed my foot. No problem, so I placed my shoe back on my foot and started to walk around. As I did this, my foot began to throb. It became extremely difficult to put any weight on it at all. My first thought was that I broke it, but when I removed my shoe, and took my weight off of it, there was no pain, no swelling, nothing. In fact when I got off the foot for a few seconds the foot was fine for several minutes. I began to believe that I had strained a small muscle in my foot and it needed rest.

Overcoming Challenge 1- Well, I was almost certain the foot wasn’t broken and just needed some rest, BUT I knew that since I have to perform cardio in order to help burn bodyfat, I switched my cardio to the stationary bike. This movement didn’t hurt my foot and within a week, my foot was back to normal.

Advice- Analyze and adapt. Quitting wasn’t an option and neither was skipping cardio, I figured out a way to get my cardio done that didn’t bother my sore foot. (Also, please use common sense, if there is significant discomfort, pain, etc. see a doctor, don’t damage something because some blogger kept going through the pain.)

Challenge 2- Sickness. My wife and I started this Challenge on Dec 28th. I wanted an early start and that is the day we selected (for several reasons). The week before Christmas we started planning out meals and workouts. We were ready and excited!

On Christmas morning, three days before the start of our challenge, both my wife and I were felled by a terrible stomach flu. Let me tell you, I hate the stomach flu, (not that there are people who like it) for whatever reason this illness kicks me out for several days. The next morning, my wife was feeling a bit better; but me? I was still uh, let’s say not keeping anything down. After sleeping the day away it soon was Dec 27th, picture day being one day away on the 28th. I was supposed to be getting ready for the start of the challenge by preparing meals for the week and here I was thrilled to be eating a half piece of white bread!

When I went to bed that night, I made up my mind that when I woke up I would be feeling at 100% I needed to get going and since I had made a promise to myself and my wife, our challenge was starting on the 28th. NO MATTER WHAT. When I woke up, I felt fine and our challenge began.

Overcoming Challenge 2- I had made up my mind weeks earlier that our challenge was starting on December 28th. There was nothing that was going to deter me/us from starting on that day. Not even the two scariest words, stomach flu.

Advice- Make a decision and hold firm to it!

Of course there have been some daily challenges, some food temptations, long meetings, the twelve month old, etc. I felt that those two could be of some benefit to some of you who are competing in this challenge. Everyone has challenges, it is how you deal with them and overcome them that will lead to

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