Shopping For Lean Body Foods

Shopping For Lean Body Foods
by Lee Labrada

Today, I want to talk about how to navigate the grocery store for all the foods you’ll use with your Lean Body nutrition program.

1. Read Nutrition Labels
It’s always important to read nutrition labels carefully.

If a product gives a percentage of fat by weight, be warned – this product likely contains more fat than you bargained for.

To figure out the percent fat, just multiply the grams of fat per serving by 9 calories per gram and then divide that number by the calories per serving. If it’s 20% or higher, put that food back on the self.

2. Be Sure To Check Serving Sizes Listed On The Product
Most of us eat far more than normal serving size. So, if a product claims it’s ‘fat free’ because it only contains 0.5 grams of fat, and you end up eating six servings, all of a sudden you’ve actually eaten 3 grams of fat.

3. Try And Avoid Food Out Of A Package
If the food is sealed in a plastic wrapper or is bleached white – it’s likely overprocessed, full of sugar, and won’t help you with your program.

Stick to carbs from the land such as veggies, fruits, whole grains such as Oatmeal or Brown Rice, beans and Potatoes.

Be sure to avoid cold cuts or processed meats. They have too many chemicals to be putting into your body. Not to mention, processed meats such as sliced turkey are often loaded with hidden fat calories.

4. Beware Of Dressings And Condiments
Even fat-free options can be loaded with sugar, so stick with Balsamic Vinegar mixed with a small amount of Olive, Flaxseed Oil or Fish Oils to get those healthy fats.

5. Avoid Food With ‘Hydrogenated Oil’ On The Package
This ingredient must be avoided at all costs.

You’ll find it in foods such as cookies, crackers, buttered popcorn, and salted nuts – so instead, choose raw nuts, air popped popcorn, or fat-free tortilla chips with salsa.

6. Consider A Few Things In The Dairy Aisle
For eggs, stick with Egg Whites. They pack in plenty of protein and hardly any calories. Egg Beaters are a good lean egg option to consider.

Avoid the butter, margarine, and sugary coffee creamers. If you have to have something in your morning cup, go with Non-Fat Milk.

7. Choose Lean Meats
When choosing your meats, opt for fish, Chicken Breast, and Turkey Breast.

8. Avoid Soda And Alcohol At All Costs
They contain empty calories and can immediately take your body out of fat burning mode.

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Hope you find these tips helpful!

Until next time, I am

Lee Labrada
Your Lean Body Coach™