Send ’em in, then keep going!!!

For almost everyone competing in this Challenge, the sand is pouring through the hourglass; the end is within reach! Some have already finished and have their comparison pictures. Finish the challenge and send them in!

I have both sets of my pictures and there is a nice improvement; however I am one of those people who look at the areas that still need work. When I look at my pictures, I don’t see the improvement as much as I see what still needs to be improved. If you are like me, my advice would be to show your before and after picture to another person; in my case, I have my wife to look them over.

Another set of eyes that are not your own are important and won’t be self-depreciating. They will look for and point out your improvements. Next –> SEND IN THE PICTURES. Quite a few times, I have helped guide people through this challenge, and they make nice physical improvements, yet for some reason, they can’t make the final decision to submit everything. I had a friend who even went so far as to type out their questionaire but still didn’t send it in!

If you are like me, know that while your 12 week challenge is complete, you still have more hills to overcome. I personally need to eliminate more bodyfat and I have set both short and medium term goals for myself that I will meet.

For both myself and my wife, the end of our challenge was only the end of twelve weeks. Nothing has changed, the meals are the same, the workouts have picked up in intensity, and our single cheat meal remains. WE have chosen to use the twelve week challenge as a springboad for continued success.

Don’t fall back into bad habits; celebrate your success for completing a tough challenge and set more goals for yourself!

One Response for Send ’em in, then keep going!!!

  1. Joshua Chambers


    April 11, 2010 8:35 pm

    I’d like to personally thank you for coaching me through the challenge, Mike. You helped me through a lot of rough patches in the last 12 weeks and I know that I can count on your continued advice as I, too, continue my new lifestyle and continue to improve. And I won’t be the next friend of yours to fail to submit the finished product…