Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

As we all engage in our daily routines throughout the day, have you ever wondered if you have made a difference in someone’s life?  Now depending on the job and career that you have, this question might be a little easier to answer.  Have you ever thought about how your mannerisms and physical appearance play a role in this question.  Think about it, usually at work we are all very professional and show up to work in proper uniform and attire.  We try to do our best, and try not to bring any kind of embarrassment to the workplace.  The way we carry ourselves is something that anyone who crosses paths with you can see.

Remember that you are a walking billboard, and however you present yourself is how you promote your lifestyle.  If you appear confident and strong, that is how others will perceive you.  If you come off as weak and shy, you will be remembered for that as well.  The goal here is to encourage everyone to become more confident physically and mentally.  I believe we can accomplish this task at hand very easily, especially at this time of year.  Being in shape and being proud of your accomplishments can catch on like wild fire.  This is where people will take hold and listen.  I challenge you all to become that beacon of light for others to follow.  We are leaders and we must lead all who seek our help.  We can always give knowledgeable training advice on nutrition and training, but we also have to remember that we will be working with novices, and not seasoned vets.  We were all novices at one point in our lives, so it is time to give back and bring others along for this great experience.  Remember to bring them along slowly.  That way we do not overload or scare them off.  There is nothing more demoralizing than bringing someone in too fast, overloading them with information, and having them quit before they have even started.  Be smart and use your head.  Plan your strategies accordingly, and present them in a way so that the goal at hand seems accomplishable.  Nice and slow…that’s how the race is won.

Through experience, this is the time we need to get our message across to people.  Many of us are perceived as “Gym-Rats” or “Meatheads” in society, but that culture I believe is slowly dying out.  Society is finally understanding the importance of how exercise and proper nutrition can play a vital role in our daily lives.  As I see more and more people becoming active, I also see many people tipping the scales the wrong way…especially our youth!  Trust me; getting the message out to people will be a lot easier if we stand behind what we preach.  We can’t encourage others to give up fast food and sugary drinks, if they see us eating this type of food all of the time.  What they don’t understand is that you can slide a little on your diet, as long as you are committed to getting back on it after a cheat meal or two.  The typical person will just think that they can go back to eating whatever they want as long as they workout.  We will need to teach the importance of proper nutrition, and teach it the right way.  We will have to explain to our colleagues when cheating is advisable and when it isn’t.

As the winter months approach us, this is the time to really push it.  If you live in an area like I do (the Midwest), many of us are able to hide our physiques behind layers of clothes because of the cold weather.  In the summer, we get to peel these layers off and see ourselves for what we really are.  No more hiding when the temperatures begin to rise.  One temperature that will rise for many of us is the heat from the anger some will experience when they realize how much they have let their bodies go, due to the hibernating winter months.  This is all reversible, but we have to get the ball rolling.  As many of us all know, “summer bodies” are made in the winter.  We prep and start to get in shape way before the nice weather gets her.  If you wait too long, you will peak at the wrong time, and have a great build for the fall and winter.  Nothing is wrong with that, because I would hope we all keep these new bodies permanently instead of just sporadically throughout the year.  We need to spread the news of how maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle will help you stay positive throughout the year.  Living this lifestyle will overcome any letdown of discovering what type of surprise old-man winter has in store for you.  Many of us will get the winter blues, and this will also be a way of fighting them.  Always look for the positives in every aspect of life, and that is what will help us all succeed.

Promoting what you believe in is something we can all learn from.  Just as we learn from books and life experiences, we can do the same through walking the walk, and talking the talk.  Become the poster child for health and fitness in your community.  Become the teacher and not the student.  Become the role model for others to follow.  All it takes is one person to change.  We can make this all become reality.  We need to help each other out, so that we can all live fuller and more productive lives.  Don’t wait for someone to make that change on their own.  Be the encouragement they need to get started today.  Be the rock for them to lean on, and the ear for them to speak to when times get tough.  Let’s make a difference, and let’s begin today!  Until next time…

…Stay Strong, and Stay True.

About the Author

Michael Klamut was the 2011 Lean Body Challenge Grand Champion. Mike is a United States Air Force veteran  (1997-2001) who works as a Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) during the day, and is a busy husband and father of two during the night. Mike entered his first bodybuilding competition and took 1st place in his Novice weight class (Middleweight) and Novice Overall. He takes great pride in helping others with their fitness goals and hopes to inspire and motivate everyone he comes into contact with. Mike is looking forward to helping all Labrada Nutrition fans reach their personal goal(s) and hopes to help them conquer any obstacle(s) that stands in their way. You can visit Mike Klamut’s website at: