No Time?…My Time!!!

I have heard numerous people tell me they just can’t find the time to make it to the gym. I have heard the craziest excuses and can’t help but shake my head. People tell me the reasons why they don’t have the time and in each instance they build up the reason to be bigger than the Rocky Mountains.

“I work all the time……I have kids……..I am always just too busy…..I am just too stressed…”

You Are Not The Only One With Obstacles To Make It To The Gym

The list goes on and on. What I find interesting with each excuse is that the person seems convinced that they are the only one dealing with them. “I work all the time…” this one amuses me the most, because I hear this excuse told to me while I AM WORKING AT MY JOB!

Instead of brow beating people into giving up some television or waking up a bit earlier, etc. I have found the best argument is describing the benefits I get out of going to the gym and I am not merely talking physical benefits here either…

Benefits of Going to the Gym

As I drive to the gym, there are days when I am completely focused and there are others when my mind is wandering about [fill in the blank –> work, wife, kids, stress, bills, etc]. As I park my car and begin to walk towards the entrance, my thoughts begin to change. I focus on WHY I am going to the gym; WHAT I am going to do while there, and HOW I am going to benefit from this workout.

When I enter the gym, I am on MY TIME. There is no work to distract me, no bills to pay, no screaming newborn, and no toy that needs fixing. I get a brief mental break from life. I get alone time in the gym to just think about me. The mental break alone is amazing!

Look at the gym as a break from life and reap the mental, and physical benefits!

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