No pain no gain….right???

Things are humming along, you have moved into the home stretch and the light is appearing at the end of the tunnel. You are at the gym, you are nailing your cardio, your meals are prepped the night before, you are in the zone! There is nothing that could slow you down…..or is there?

We have all dealt with physical pain, somewhere in the past, maybe some sports injury, maybe it was having your foot stepped on, or maybe it was some movement or lift in the gym. By this time in the challenge, your body should be sending you signals and it is up to you to understand them. Muscle soreness the day following a tough workout is normal, but what about that pain in your elbow when you curl that barbell? Or that throbbing swollen knee after “leg day?”

As athletes, and face it, competing in this challenge puts you in that category; it is important to understand when the pain is a signal that there is something wrong. We all want to have that “killer attitude.” When you are cruising through this program and have your routine set, an injury could be seen as a nuisance or something to work through. Understand that sometimes pushing through the pain could be doing more damage.

Missing a few workouts under doctor’s orders is one thing, but ignoring that advice and pushing through the pain and being unable to workout for several months is something altogether different.

As you punch through to the end of this challenge, make sure you take a minute to listen to the signals your body is telling you…

One Response for No pain no gain….right???

  1. jerry


    March 11, 2009 12:27 pm

    Nice article. It puts working out in perspective