My thoughts after week 1….

I am in my second week of the challenge and wanted to post some notes to help other contestants. The thoughts that I provide are just nuggets of knowledge that I have gained while competing in this challenge….
After talking to several people who just started this challenge, I noticed a few common concerns. The chief concern was that as people increased the number of times they were eating while they decreased the total amount of food they were consuming, they found themselves hungry all the time.

My thoughts on this are two-fold. First, give your body some time to adjust to the change. Your body has been used to food coming in two to three times a day, let it adjust to your new eating schdule. My wife struggled with this the during her first week but didn’t have a problem with it this week.

The second thought is making sure you haven’t cut your calories too low. It is a common misconception that to lose weight/fat one has to be eating salads or some other low calorie nonsense for three meals a day. Cutting your calories too low is a recipe for failure. Your body will fight back and the “night-time munchies” will consume you, (as you consume them.) Remove the thought from your head that you eating to lose weight and replace it with the knowledge that you are providing fuel for your body.

Another common misconception is going all out, “warrior style” with your diet and ignoring a very important piece of the puzzle: a cheat meal. It is super important to add a cheat meal once a week. First, it eliminates the thought process that you CAN’T eat something. During your cheat meal, eat something that you have been craving. Go ahead, check Lee’s book, (The Lean Body Promise) it’s in there! More importantly as you limit your calories, your body will compensate by slowing down your metabolism. Your body is simply trying to prepare for a perceived lack of food by trying to hold on to what you have. By allowing yourself a cheat meal, the influx of calories will cause your body to rev your metabolism up, thus allowing you to continue on your fat burning quest.

This one is directed at the ladies. I promise, check the book, do your research, lifting weights will NOT make you look like a massive bodybuilder in three days. I have heard this over and over and over… Most women do not have the hormones necessary to pack on slabs of muscle. You just can’t do it! By introducing weight lifting to your weight loss regiment, you are allowing your body to produce LEAN muscle. Lean muscle will help your body burn body fat, which is what you are trying for. Don’t be afraid of the weights….

The last tip I have today is for you to celebrate your small successes. Success leads to more success, so focus on it. If you had a nice workout, stayed on your meal plan, or adjusted your schedule to accomodate some crazy happenstance in your work day, AWESOME! Success isn’t always measured by the scale, it is measured by you, how you feel, etc. Let’s build on your success!

I will continue to blog my thoughts on common questions that I hear from people. I will also post what challenges I or my wife have had/ or will have during this challenge. Good luck to all!

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3 Responses for My thoughts after week 1….

  1. Jack Chambers


    January 14, 2010 8:06 pm

    great info mike. i also find myself aggitated all the time ha but i dont mind the foods im eating…just cant wait for that cheat meal…4 days down as well as 9 lbs

  2. Joshua Chambers


    January 14, 2010 10:23 pm

    Thanks for the help so far Mike. I know exactly what you mean by feeling hugry all the time. My first two days were dreadful. But I do feel like I’m adjusting well. I’m not having any problems with the foods I’m eating yet but already planning that cheat meal. Being down a few pounds already helps the morale alot though. Keep up the good work

  3. Tracy Kay


    January 18, 2010 7:23 pm

    Thanks for this info…I have not done the challenge yet but am looking forward to starting next month. Your information is very useful since I have a lot of weight to drop. Thanks and keep up the great work!!