Keep it Going!!!

 How do you feel right now? You are almost halfway through your Challenge. By now you should find you’ve added some good habits to your diet and your workout program. It takes about 4 weeks to break an old bad habit replace it with a new good one. The key to success is to be consistent and persistent. Stick with your plan, and just like the Nike commercial, ‘Just Do It’. It’s simple!

 You should start to see some changes in your physique about now. But the best part is still to come. With this Challenge you changing your life, and this changes are going to last a long time. The Challenge may only be for only 12 weeks, but after that you’ll have transformed your life to live longer and healthier.

 To give you a little push to stay motivated, let me tell you about my recent trip to Houston to meet Lee Labrada and all his staff at Labrada’s company. It’s one of the prizes for the Lean Body Challenge winner, and last year that was me. I had a chance to spend some time with Lee, and do a workout session with him. The next day I left for the cruise to Cozumel. It was fantastic! I live in Canada, so to be able to go on a cruise in the middle of the winter – it’s priceless!



 I see people sometimes, who listen to advice from many different sources.  They start to get totally lost and confused. Like I said earlier, keep it simple! Do your strength training 3 to 5 times a week with some cardio intervals. Keep your nutrition plans simple – eat fruit, vegetables and lean protein like chicken or turkey breast and fish.

 Some people find this kind of diet boring – they don’t think you can make chicken and broccoli interesting. When you use your imagination for cooking, you can take a chicken breast and you can create an amazing dish by adding some salsa, salad dressing (low fat) or spices like cumin, rosemary or thyme. The possibilities are endless, and you can flavor your foods without adding any calories. Don’t be afraid to try something new to liven up a recipe.  

 Remember, you should eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolism active and not go into ‘starvation mode’. The worst thing you can do when you are on a weight loss program is to cut down your calorie intake too much. Remember, to lose some weight you need to create a deficit in between what you consume and what you burn, but if you overdo it your body will start to panic and store all the calories it can! You want create this deficit by eating right, and exercising regularly. So just do it!

All the Best to you and Keep Moving and Stay Fit !!!

Martin Bolduc