Celebrate your Successes!

I was working and having a difficult time. For some reason, my pants wouldn’t stay where they were supposed to. I “hitched them up,” only to find that a few minutes later, they had slipped back into their original position. Since I was at work, my thoughts were not really on my clothing, and I continued to play a game where I would pull my pants up and they would fall back down.

After doing this for awhile, I took a break and walked back to the bathroom. Had I grabbed a pair of pants that were too large? Was some small gnome pulling my pants down as a joke? Had I forgotten to wear my belt today? My belt?!?! Maybe that was the answer, I grabbed the belt and tightened it to the next hole. Surely, that was the issue. Nope, pants were still too loose. I grabbed my belt and tightened it to the SECOND hole. AHA! Success and SUCCESS!!!

Three weeks in and down two belt sizes! I fist pumped the mirror and went back to work in a significantly better mood. No longer plagued by the thought of that gnome…

Take a moment a recognize a personal success no matter how small it may appear!

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