BMI vs. Body Fat

grOnce upon a time, America was considered the world leader in technology and forward thinking. However currently the nation’s collective inability to manage the completely preventable condition of obesity is a scientific embarrassment.

It is time to embrace 21st century technology – Why are we continuing to use the highly inaccurate and antiquated height and weight Body Mass Index (BMI) system that was developed in 1835 for the Belgium Army and never meant for use with women and children?
Please allow me to point out the obvious; America does not have a “weight” or “height” problem.

America has a fat problem- so why isn’t fat what we ate measuring? Fat is the very definition of obesity – a serious medical condition whereby a person has such excess amounts of fat that it is detrimental to their health and a precursor to a myriad of diseases (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease etc.)

How much a person weighs is largely irrelevant, BMI does not account for excess fat or differentiate fat from healthy lean muscle tissue; a devastating oversight that fails to accurately identify approximately 48% of women and 26% of men, including a very large unreported segment of “normal” weight obesity due to low levels of lean muscle tissue and high body fat percentage.

Every American should be informed, know and understand what a healthy body fat percentage is. Measuring body fat percentage accurately is simple, cost effective and accurate. The continued use of BMI is actually a deterrent for the public to combat obesity and improve body composition through resistance training because increasing lean muscle can increase “scale weight”.

The latest study released by Trust for America’s Health projects that 13 States will have adult obesity rates over 60% and all 50 States will be greater than 44 percent by 2030. Unfortunately the projections are underestimated because BMI was used to forecast obesity. However, in truth, the numbers are much worse than predicted.

It is time for the next American Revolution – the national war on obesity can be won because obesity is virtually 100 percent preventable.

So I encourage you to join the Lean Body Challenge and measure what matters – your body composition. Where do you “fit” in?

About the Author

Grant Roberts is the CEO of Unified Lifestyle and one of Hollywood’s most sought after personal trainers, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches. He received worldwide recognition for packing on twenty pounds of muscle over just nine weeks, transforming the mind and body of actress Hilary Swank for her Academy Award winning role in the film Million Dollar Baby.

Roberts’ clients include the Hollywood elite, leaders of industry, world champion athletes and the military. Additionally he continues to support the current US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin in the fight against obesity.

Roberts was honored at the International Club Industry show in Las Vegas as one of the worlds top ten personal trainers as voted by the PFP in October 2012.

Grant has a challenge of his own to extend to Lean Body Challengers: “I only had nine weeks to prepare Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby. In that time (completely natural of course with only supplements, training and nutrient timing) she packed on 23 pounds of muscle (her scale weight went up 19 pounds and she dropped 4 pounds of fat on an already lean body). My challenge is, can you beat that sort of body re-composition?”

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