Be Prepared

You know the feeling, it’s late at night and you are driving home. You had a nice day at work and the radio is blaring just the perfect mix of music. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot it…suddenly the deer darts in front of your car…as your mind races, your heart starts pumping through your chest! In a split second you swerve to avoid the collision.
Most drivers education classes teach the concept of defensive driving. You drive your car in a manner where you are prepared for something to happen out of the ordinary.

In a not-so-dramatic play on that notion, you have to be prepared for something out of the ordinary to happen during your challenge, (and beyond).

You are in week 3 of the challenge, and hopefully by this point you have a nice routine you are following. What happens when a wrench gets thrown into your routine: you have to stay late at work, your car breaks down, you get a last minute work or homework assignment, or your gym is closed for the day?

Life happens, and it is nearly impossible to predict when crazyness will enter your life, (for some of us, it never leaves!). Apply the message about defensive driving, or as the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared.”

I have a large lunchbox, (cooler) that I have with me whenever I go to work. I have my meals for the day, plus an emergency meal, in case something happens, AND also I keep an emergency protein bar there. Yeah, it is a Cookie Roll Cinnabun, (mmm!)

My problem is and always has been food and eating. I know if something comes up that gets in the way of my meal times, I am in trouble. I cannot go longer than three hours without eating, ever. (And numerous empty potato chip bags have perished as witness to this 🙂 ) Therefore, I attempt to be prepared by having “backup” meals.

I know what my trouble spot is, and I have taken steps to avoid being in a asituation where I am unprepared.

My advice, identify where your potential problems are and get prepared so they don’t become BIG problems.

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One Response for Be Prepared

  1. JEremy


    January 28, 2010 4:16 pm

    Great article Mike!! Very informative and very important. Its much easier to prepare your meals, snacks, workouts, etc for the day…one of the hardest things to overcome is the obstacles you dont plan for. The only way to compensate for them is to prepare ahead of time for the unexpected! Sounds like you do that as complete as a person could…good job and good blog!