A Sample Day of Lean Body Eating

A Sample Day of Lean Body Eating
By Johnathan Zamora

When eating for fat-loss, one of the keys to success is to eat frequently – meaning every three hours.  This is probably not the first time you’ve heard this advice…however here is a breakdown as to what six “mini-meals” or one day of Lean Body eating looks like.

Preparation is a major contributing factor in the success or lack thereof of your program.  If you’ve been following Lee’s daily Facebook posts, this is a much discussed topic.  For this menu, I’ve used foods that are readily available at most supermarkets with no need to make trips to specialty health foods stores, although those food products do have their place in a healthful diet.  By following an eating plan similar to the one outlined below, you’ll notice an increase in energy and an overall sense of well-being, not to mention a lean, muscular physique.

Here is the menu:  Click Here for the Recipes


1 cup egg substitute or 4-6 egg whites
½ cup dry oats
½ cup blueberries
2 Tbs. “raw” Almonds (no salt/flavorings added)
1 cup coffee
16 oz. water

Morning Snack:

¾ cup plain, fat-free cottage cheese (no sodium added is preferred)
2 whole wheat WASA crisps
½ tomato, halved and sliced into wedges
Balsamic vinegar, to drizzle on top of tomatoes
16 oz. water


1 cup Quinoa salad
3 oz. Chicken breast, cooked
3 oz. Shrimp, cooked
1 cup string beans, steamed
16 oz. water

Afternoon Snack:

1 scoop Lean Pro 8
   10 oz. cold water
 (Mix with a shaker cup)


4-6 oz. Chicken breast
1 cup whole wheat pasta (Rotini pasta works well)
1 cup spring vegetables
16 oz. water

Night Snack:

1 cup sugar-free Jell-O
1 scoop ProV60
  8 oz. cold water
(Mix with a shaker cup)

One of the essential aspects of this eating plan is to incorporate a lean protein source with each meal.  Doing this creates an anabolic or muscle building environment in the body and will help keep your metabolism firing so you can see results.  To round out your meals, always include a serving of vegetables, a serving of complex carbohydrates and drink plenty of water.  While supplements like meal replacements can be used intelligently and do have their place in your diet, focus on making wholesome food the base of your eating plan.
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Johnathan Zamora
The Fit Chef

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    Some recipes call for raw egg whites – things like cold souffles, mousses and chiffons utilize raw egg whites but require refrigeration in order to minimize bacterial growth. Remember, even though you can use raw eggs in a number of various applications, raw whites, although considered almost sterile Salmonella enteriditis has been found in a small number of eggs (less than 1%), if properly refrigerated, se poses little risk in healthy persons. Rule of thumb, cook egg whites and egg substitutes to the appropriate temperature of at least 145 degrees to minimize your chances of contracting Salmonella.