You will get what you focus on!

Your experience of life will always be the reflection of what you focus on.

Focus on the bad economy, the annoying neighbor or the jerk in the gym and you will have one experience in life.

Focus on how blessed you are to be able to work out, the fact that you are so lucky to have a house and have food in the refrigerator and you will have a different experience in life.

Lets take it a step further.  If you are focusing on the fact that your gains are coming slow, instead of enjoying the bodybuilding lifestyle, it will take away the joy of being a bodybuilder.  Focus on the fact that you love being in the gym, eating right and all the positives of the bodybuilding lifestyle.  Do this and you will have more energy in the gym, more motivation to eat well and take your supplements and then all of a sudden you will realize your gains are going through the roof!

Take a peek at this fun video…..

Focus on the good, the pure, the lovely, the uplifting. Focus on all the blessings God has in your life. Live a life of gratitude and you will live a joyful life!

Do you agree? Do you notice the difference on how you feel based on what you focus on?

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