Why the FDA Can’t Guarantee Your Supplement Will Meet Label Claims

Why the FDA Can’t Guarantee Your Supplement Will Meet Label Claims
by Lee Labrada

Every once in a while, late-night new shows like to take a magnifying glass to the supplement industry and expose some of biggest and baddest scams out there. Products that don’t meet label claims, don’t work, or are downright dangerous to your health are often profiled. The broadcaster’s message is clear: If you care about the state of your health and your bank account, you need to avoid these sub-par supplements.

How Are You Supposed to Know What Supplements Work?

But what do you do when you don’t have a team of news investigators by your side? How are you supposed to know which supplements work and which ones don’t? And how can you be sure that what’s listed on each label is actually included in the formula? It’s not like supplements come branded with a “MEETS LABEL CLAIMS” sticker.

If only a governing body existed to help keep ineffective or improperly labelled supplements off the shelf – an agency whose job it was to carefully monitor the entire industry. That would certainly make supplement shopping a whole lot easier! Well, such a governing body does exist, and it’s called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplements after they reach the market. Those that fail to meet its standards can even be forced off the shelf. But as great as all this sounds on paper, the FDA can’t realistically monitor each and every single supplement out there. After all, new products are emerging every day and FDA manpower is limited.

That’s why it’s so important for you, the consumer, to take matters into your own hands. By conducting your own research and learning more about today’s popular supplement companies, you’ll be better equipped to choose the products that are best for you.

On the FDA’s “To Do” List
The FDA has its hands full, and highest on its priority list is safety. Most of its time is spent making sure that there are no contaminants (like E.coli), harmful materials (like heavy metals), or banned substances (like anabolic steroids) in your supplements. The FDA also zeros in on supplement companies making outlandish claims, such as being able to cure cancer or provide drug-like effects in an impossible time frame. Lower on the agency’s priority list is ensuring that your supplement meets label claims – i.e. that the product in question contains all the ingredients it promises to contain, in the proper amounts.

True, a product that doesn’t meet label claims might not sound as harmful as a product that contains dangerous or banned substances. But think about it this way: When you purchase a supplement, you expect the formula to match the label and to perform as advertised. If it doesn’t contain the ingredients it claims to (or only contains them in miniscule, inadequate amounts) the product isn’t going to work the way you’ve been promised. The end result could mean no results, which of course is a waste of your time and money. It’s how some supplement companies are ripping people off every day.

Knowing that it can’t oversee every product, the FDA has put the responsibility back on supplement companies and their manufacturers to follow good manufacturing practices and to meet label claims. This is in line with the DHSEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) of 1994, which states that dietary supplement manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe before being marketed. Unlike in the pharmaceutical field, supplement companies do not need to register their products or get approval from the FDA before marketing them, unless they are introducing a brand new dietary ingredient. They are required to have truthful label information – but as mentioned, this rule isn’t always followed. Limited FDA resources mean it’s easy for mislabelled supplements to fly under the radar.

Part of the reason why quality and integrity don’t always prevail is because of the supplement industry’s low barrier to entry. Almost anyone can start up a company, find a manufacturer, and get a new supplement developed in record time. Ingredient quality is often intentionally compromised, and proper testing is bypassed – all to save money. The product ships and ends up on store shelves. If the FDA doesn’t catch wind of all this and demand a recall, the product could easily end up in your hands.

Labrada – Committed to Truthful Labelling
There are those supplement companies that meet FDA standards and those that don’t. How can you be sure that Labrada Nutrition is one that does?

For 15 years, Labrada has been developing products that provide real, noticeable results. If it were resorting to inferior ingredients or cutting corners in any way, these results wouldn’t be seen. But to this day, people all over the world continue to trust Labrada for help in burning fat, building muscle, and achieving their best body ever. Countless other supplement companies have emerged in the past decade and a half, only to shut down (or be shut down) since then. Very few have had the longitude that Labrada has.

From the beginning, Labrada has been set on “truth in advertising.” What you see on the label is what you get in the formula. Only research-proven and time-tested ingredients make the cut – and they are always included in the amounts listed on the package.

Just as important as what’s in your supplement is where it’s produced. With any Labrada product, you can have peace of mind that it’s been made in a professional facility that exceeds pharmaceutical-grade standards. Every single raw material entering the facility is quarantined, identified, and verified before being allowed on the production floor, and is then tested again during production. Once the final product is ready, further testing is done to ensure proper potency, concentration, and microbiological activity. A full heavy metal analysis and banned substance test is also conducted before it’s launched.

Labrada could easily compromise its standards, but its commitment to truth and to your results mean it never will. For the past 15 years and for many more years to come, Labrada stands for quality.

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4 Responses for Why the FDA Can’t Guarantee Your Supplement Will Meet Label Claims

  1. Joe De La Cruz


    June 16, 2010 7:47 pm

    It’s sad that because of some companies irresponsibility, the FDA may limit the supplements that we have access to. There was diet supplement banned last year because it was discovered that one of the ingredients was rumored to be a controlled substance. I’m not sure anything was actually proven, but the company did pull the product which makes you wonder. When you hear stories like that it, it only makes you appreciate a company with a proven 15 year track record like Labrada. If I’m going to be putting something into my body, i’d like to think that if an ingredient is listed on the label, it’s actually on the label. Really, what is the point of a proprietary blend?

  2. ChrisC


    September 14, 2011 3:31 pm

    I’ve used and will continue to use Labrada products because I feel that they’re of the highest quality and I’ve seen the results myself. I followed Lee Labrada in bodybuilding when I was younger and it is important to me that someone that comes out of that sport carries that passion to the company that they’ve started.

    All those things aside, I think that there should be some sort of regulatory body that investigates and approves the products that line the shelves of my local nutrition store. If not the FDA then some other non-profit, third-party entity that has no stake in whether or not a product is successful should be created to monitor claims. Lee’s editorial here comes down to one message, “trust us because we have been in business for years and assure you that our ingredients and processes are the best.” And while I do trust Labrada products, it’s easy for many other less scrupulous companies to make the same claims.

  3. Mike


    September 14, 2011 4:04 pm

    Labrada products are without a doubt the best out there. After 10+ years of using Labrada products I refuse to use any other company’s products. Thanks Lee for the awesome product line.

  4. madeline


    September 16, 2011 11:42 am

    im so sick of the FDA..they are trying every avenue to put a stop to the supplment industry. With all the drugs that are out their and they have hidden so many side effects and not report it to the americans until more deaths are being heard..Its all about putting money into congress/senators and FDA pockets. Ive been living with medications for many yrs and i grew tired of the side effects, i dont want pills i want to get to the root of the cause..i then decided to take supplements and before you know it my symptons are gone and my doctors have backed me up ..Now matter if it medications, supplements, fruit, vegetables to much of anything isnt good, its all in moderation, so are they going to ban fruits and veggies? i ate times juice and i get much of a bigger high and enegry level is high, i feel great, the FDA dont want you to be healthy, they want all us to stay ill so they can make money and the doctors get a fee for pushing out meds..it sickens me to no end..The FDA need to focus on their own mistakes and owe up to it..with so many lawsuits we hear online, tv advertisement, when do you ever hear about someone died or had a severe reactions to supplements? i wonder why no one has gone after the FDA for lying and hiding all documents?